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Ramesh damani value investing book

ramesh damani value investing book

A proponent of the Buffett style of value investing, Mr. Damani is one of the most well-read and erudite investors I've known in India. He holds a bachelor's. moderator: Welcome to Money control chat. Ramesh Damani, a well-known name among investors, is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange. A proponent of value. We must note that several other stock wizards are also bullish about media stocks. Ramesh Damani has declared that digitization will be a “game. FUND OF HEDGE FUNDS INVESTOPEDIA FOREX

Ltd already hold a chunk of 25,17, shares 4. A few days ago, when the stock price slumped over lukewarm Q2FY15 results, Damani rushed in and bought another chunk of 13,00, shares. His total holding is now 38,17, shares, constituting 6. We must note that several other stock wizards are also bullish about media stocks. While they have reduced the target price to Rs. However, with a delay in shift towards digitisation, we have built in a nominal growth of 7.

We expect the subscription revenues to reach Rs. He has been associated with the Indian stock markets for over 21 years. After graduating, he worked his way up through the stock market business, spending four years at RARE Enterprises, where he was involved with research, private equity deals and value creation activities. Sanjeev has a B. He has been with KIE since October , beginning his career in oil and gas research and topping broker polls as best sectoral analyst and best India analyst for over a decade.

Over the years, Sanjeev has built one of the strongest research teams among broking houses in India, respected for its intensive research, incisive analysis and independence. Sanjeev considers himself a lifelong student and analyst of capital markets, economics and policy.

His focus therein is on long term investing in public and private markets. He engages with investee companies to enhance shareholder value by emphasizing sustainable value drivers. He is also a Founder and Mentor at Trust Group, a leading fixed income firm which has evolved into a full — service financial services firm. He has been a speaker at annual Global India Business Meeting, organized by Horasis which brings together leading thinkers and practitioners from the corporate and financial world.

Ramesh S. Damani Ramesh S. A graduate of H. He has been a broker, at the BSE, since He is currently Chairman of Avenue Supermarts Ltd. Prior to joining Avenue Supermarts Ltd. Damani Finance Pvt. He is a frequent commentator of financial issues on various business channels. He is a CFA charterholder. Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued for any cancellations received within 48 hours of program starts. Substitutions from the same company are accepted with fee adjustment, if appropriate.

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It was only after that people actually started taking up investing not only as an extra activity but as a real-time career. Many big names of today started emerging at that time. One such great name who had his first big move right at that time, in , was none other than Ramesh Damani, the investing giant. So, how did he come into the investing world? What convinced him? How did he become one of the best investors? What's his success story? Let's dive in! The early life of Ramesh Damani Well, the tale of Ramesh Damani is unlike those typical stories where the successful investor comes from a poor background.

Ramesh Damani came from a well to do family. His father was already into the stock market for 20 to 30 years. Senior Damani was able to earn a good income for his family, such that he was able to send his son to the USA for higher studies. He did not have any interest in the work where his father was indulged, which was the stock market. But, destiny had its own goals. Ramesh Damani was the only son of his father.

Therefore, his father always wanted to bring Ramesh back to India so that both could stay close to each other and gradually, he too could start investing in the stock market. Ramesh's father attempted many times but failed to convince his son to invest in the stock market. Finally, he tried another trick to convince him. Ramesh's father had sent 10, USD to his son and had said "Take this money and invest it. If you double the money, it is yours; but if you lose, no questions would be asked.

Ramesh Damani agreed to the bet and invested the money given by his father in the stock market. Unfortunately, he ended up losing the huge sum of money within just 6 months of the period. He came from a well-to-do family with his father earning regularly from the financial markets. Nonetheless, junior Damani did not have the same love for the markets as his father.

If the money doubled, he could keep it; but should he lose, no questions would be asked. Well, Ramesh Damani ended up losing the entire amount. This invoked in him a new interest towards the Indian markets. Initially, his plan was to make money through brokerage but gradually his interests inclined towards investing and making money in the long run.

During the early s, he made great returns from the market for his clients but earned very low percentages on the same. He later decided to invest for himself — Rs. The investment turned folds, making Ramesh Damani a billionaire.

Damani holds over 3,00, Goldiam International Limited shares which lead to him claiming over 1. Damani also holds 49,04, shares of Godrej Industries that is headquartered in Mumbai.

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