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Kafe betawi pacific place

kafe betawi pacific place

One place that is the right choice for holding meetings is a kind of food The design of Kafe Betawi's place looks clean and modern, with a touch of. Shaburi Pacific Place in Jakarta - Phone Number,Contact Address, Maps Reviews and Ratings. Miles Away; Kafe Betawi, Pacific Place 4th Floor. A bit expensive for the regular food of indonesians, but in Pacific Place, this restaurant becomes the most affordable choice among the few. WIRECUTTER DASH CAM

All for the sake of the employees not having to open and close the door when delivering food outside. The service here hasn't changed one bit. I left and didn't even eat or drink what I ordered and paid for. If you want to sit and relax inside with the AC on, without being bothered by the smoke outside or without getting bitten by mosquitos coming in through the open door, be ready to get up and close the door EVERY TIME the employees goes in and out.

Today while I was having a business meeting, December 9th, between 7pm and 9 pm one of the employee who is a short girl with glasses, deliberately don't close the doors behind her. Imagine how warm this drink is! This drink warms my body and becomes a mood booster for me. Tea, served hot or cold Asian communities, especially Indonesia cannot live without tea! Tea is a drink that is always consumed by Asians, while eating, or while relaxing gather together with friends.

If European countries have wine to warm up the atmosphere of meeting conversations, then the Indonesian people have tea! You can choose tea that is served cold or hot. Both are highly recommended because they are very simple, but refreshing or even warming your body. Orange Juice Just like tea drinks, this drink can be served hot or cold, according to your taste, and it feels equally refreshing.

Betawi's Snack You need snacks to accompany your drinking atmosphere. So, I suggest snacks in the form of traditional Betawi cakes that I ordered. This traditional cake is called Kue Rangi. Rangi cake consists of Sago flour and coconut ingredients so that it tastes savory.

This street snack is already very difficult to find in big cities like Jakarta, although the origin of the area from this Rangi cake comes from Jakarta. About Places The design of Kafe Betawi's place looks clean and modern, with a touch of oriental design. The lights seem traditional but also modern. Green is the dominant color in the decoration on the cafe wall. The chairs used are made from rattan, to display the traditional impression but still match the modern feel.

This place is modeled open so visitors can see the mall area. Kafe Betawi is indeed located in crowded malls. This cafe is indeed of interest to visitors so that my colleagues and I have to make reservations in advance before coming to this place. What if you are hungry? Previously, I did discuss drinks. Well, then I will discuss food at the Kafe Betawi. After I finished meeting, I ordered food. I choose Satay which is served with Soto Betawi sauce.

If you visit Indonesia, you must try this menu! You also have to try Betawi food in this place. The contents consist of meat, lung, tripe, and kikil. The other complementary ingredients that must be on the menu are Emping, a type of crackers made from seeds that are so unique!

But it is truly a taste of spices that make this menu thick soup to be a favorite of Indonesian people. Final Word For Yummy Traveler at Kafe Betawi If you miss the times of the taste of street food with typical Betawi characteristics, you are advised to stop by here. If you don't have a problem with prices, then this is the right choice for you. You can choose traditional Indonesian drinks to create fun conversations with friends. Don't forget to save your cellphone while having a meeting, Don't let the cellphone spoil the atmosphere of a pleasant meeting!

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