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Em dash in word

em dash in word

My small PC laptop also does not carry a number pad. I found that, in MS Word, pressing Alt and Shift and the hyphen key will produce an em dash. In Microsoft Word, two hyphens between two words without spaces (e.g. word–word) will autocorrect to an em dash. Remember to remove the. Em dashes get their name from typography: Possessing the same width as the letter “m,” em dashes are a versatile punctuation mark with a variety of uses. In. SS2009 FOREX EXCHANGE

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A dialog box appears. In Word, there are two tabs at the top of the dialog box. Click the Special Characters tab. Click Em Dash or En Dash. Click Insert. Below is the Insert Symbol dialog box in Word: 2. If this doesn't work, press NumLock on the numeric keypad.

Inserting an em or en dash using AutoFormat as you type There are built-in options that are turned on by default in AutoCorrect in the AutoFormat as you type settings. To insert an em dash using AutoFormat as you type: Type a word with no space after it. Type two dashes or hyphens with no space between or after them. Type another word. To insert an en dash using AutoFormat as you type: Type a word. Type a single dash or hyphen. Press the spacebar. The lack of a numpad on laptops is compensated by the auxiliary Fn key and some other keys.

But still, not all laptop owners will be able to put an em dash in this Method, so use other options. Second Method We use a special code — one of the so-called Alt-codes they execute commands for entering characters that are not on the keyboard. When you release the Alt key, an em dash will appear where the cursor was. Em dash on keyboard Some laptops do not have a separate numeric keypad.

You can connect an external keyboard via USB. Further, everything is the same. It is more convenient to press Alt on the laptop itself, then click on the numbers on the block of numeric keys of the on-screen keyboard on the right. A dash will appear after releasing the Alt key and pressing the spacebar.

By the Method: this method can be called universal. If you are typing somewhere other than Word, hold down the Alt key and type on the numeric keyboard layout. Get an em dash. Third Method It is also simple and also uses a keyboard shortcut Hexadecimal code. After that, the entered characters are converted to an em dash. Fourth Method Users who are not friendly with codes can use an insert.

At the top of Word or in Word Online, click the Insert tab. All kinds of dashes are provided here.

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Hyphen, En dash and Em dash in Word \u0026 its shortcut

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How to Insert an Em Dash in Microsoft Word

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