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The best crypto blog covering cryptocurrency news, crypto trading, investment and insights into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can also find details on altcoins and mining equipment here. Main topics covered: trading, mining, blockchain, news. Built with: WordPress. vegasbets.online | Official Blog. Official Blog. vegasbets.online AMA with Metis: Competition Mechanics. PREMISE. LIFE ON THE LINE SPORTS BETTING DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY

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Luckily, there are tools to show you the current profitability of all kinds of mining, such as WhatToMine. IYou can even compare different miners to see which one may be worth it for you. NiceHash NiceHash is a marketplace of hash power, connecting miners and those wanting to rent out the production of their rigs for a certain period of time. Why would miners rent out their rigs? Because mining is unpredictable, so they may prefer to get a stable rent payment and leave the risk to others.

CGMiner Ready to mine? CGM i ner is one of the top mining software solutions out there. Best Exchanges Trading crypto usually starts with a crypto exchange. There are hundreds of Centralized CEX and Decentralized ones, some tied to specific geographic locations and others barring them. Coinbase For US and Canadian users, the Coinbase CEX is perhaps the most popular community crypto trading platform to bring money into or out of crypto.

But it also boasts a powerful trading platform. The features previously reserved for Coinbase Pro are now available to regular Coinbase users. Binance Globally, Binance is currently the dominant centralized exchange, with trading volume exceeding that of many other leading CEXs combined.

Thus it is the best platform to trade crypto if you have a large volume of trading to execute. Binance was one of the first exchanges to have a launchpad for new projects and has a robust marketing arm. Naturally, it has a powerful trading tool crypto capacity for spot trading, margin, and more. In general, Binance is one of the best crypto trading sites. With over one million users, FTX is popular for regular spot trading, leveraged trading, and more. Thus, it is vying to be one of the best tools for day trading crypto as well as for longer term investing.

Network and Crypto Ecosystem Network analysis tools are some of the most underrated cryptocurrency tools out there. Chainalysis The absolute leader in blockchain analytics is Chainalysis , clearly one of the best crypto analysis tools out there. This makes it one of the essential tools for crypto analysis and research. CryptoMiso CryptoMiso tracks commits for the most popular cryptos on GitHub, the most popular code repository. See what the projects are really working on. Gauge the activity of the entire industry or specific blockchains.

Vision APY. Vision has carved out a spot for liquidity pool LP and yield farming analysis. Because who can keep track of every farm? Use its extensive stats to find the best farming opportunities, which are a useful subset of your crypto trading tools. But this is changing, with platforms becoming some of the best crypto tools overall.

DefiHelper There are many platforms that combine trading and yield farming, such as DefiHelper. It promises an easy way to create strategies for buying cryptos across DEXs in addition to presenting lucrative farming opportunities. This also makes DefiHelper one of the best tools for crypto trading trends and one of the best tools for day trading crypto. The latter is liked by many traders for offering high margins and rewarding trading volume with its governance token claims.

Best Decentralized Exchange Not your key — not your crypto. For those unwilling to deposit their crypto into a wallet controlled by a centralized exchange, a multitude of DEXs exist where they can trade any pair, releasing their funds only in the process of the transaction itself. Uniswap pretty much started the free token drop craze, liquidity pool rewards culture, and much more. Granted that AMMs are not the best tools for trading professionally as they tend to lack advanced order types hence why you need trading terminals like Kattana.

KyberSwap KyberSwap too traces its roots to even before the bull market. And by aggregator, it means finding the best price out of over 60 DEXs. It also has liquidity pools, a launchpad, and much more. This makes KyberSwap one of the best day trading tools, especially since the best day trading cryptos are not all on the same DEX, so having 60 of them to choose from is a big advantage.

Curve If you want something with a horribly ugly interface but very efficient exchange rates, look no further than Curve , which keeps its trading pairs to similarly-behaving assets to make trading a lot more accurate. As such, Curve is not the best day trading cryptos solution, but rather an efficient swap for deeper blockchain activity.

Trading Bots Why trade crypto yourself when you can program a bot to analyze the market at lightning speed and swoop in for the right pick at the right time? Bot builders use crypto analysis tools to find opportunities for automatic trading. Coinrule Want to just pick and go? Coinrule has automated trading strategies to choose from.

With paid packages, you get all sorts of extras, like advanced charting, and other useful crypto trading tools. Pionex Targeted at high-volume traders, Pionex is an exchange with a focus on trading bots too. As such, it is certainly one of the more popular crypto day trading tools and is competitive in including the best crypto analysis tools in its toolkit. NAGA Not ready to play with real money? Get a free demo account with NAGA.

Copy other traders, learn, and perfect your trading. If the Chinese capital is there, the Western capital will meet it. That is why the Hong Kong financial markets are so powerful. The people needed to build the services can now easily get employment visas. Don your optimist caps with me as I outline why I think allowing crypto in Hong Kong solves a critical, existential problem for China that will make it difficult for the country to back out again.

Volcker and Toyoo Gyohten. He and Gyohten-san take an American and Japanese perspective on financial events from the s to But at the BIS meeting, central bankers from all the European countries gathered; had cocktails, luncheons, and dinners; and talked endlessly about gold, the dollar, and the pound sterling, switching among English, French, and German.

But there was absolutely no interest shown in the upheavals going on at that very moment in China. The Vietnam War was at a very critical stage, but apparently those bankers had very little interest in such events outside their sphere. I thought uneasily, this is a group of people for whom the world still stops west of the Dardanelles.

I would be delighted to hear about how PBOC officials feel they are treated as the up-and-coming Asian economic super power in the midst of the Americans and Europeans at the various central banking jamborees. Here is Gyohten-san again pages discussing how hard it is to correct the balance of payments imbalances. Japan ran massive surpluses with America and Europe in the s. One important lesson of the period, particularly for Japan, was that under the floating-rate regime, monetary authorities could not manipulate the exchange rate by simply intervening against an underlying market trend.

That lesson cost us billions to learn. That was certainly obvious from the performance of the Japanese and United States economies. The Japanese Ministry of Finance seems to have forgotten these learnings. The problem is that it earns billions of dollars each month from its exports to the world minus imports.

China must recycle its internationally-earned dollars by purchasing commodities or financial assets. This has led them to become the second largest foreign holder of Treasuries behind Japan. Prominent economist and former adviser to the PBoC Yu Yongding actually acknowledged this concern directly in a recent conversation with Nikkei Asia regarding the U.

And this action has fundamentally undermined national credibility in the international monetary system. We do not have an answer yet, but we have to think very hard. The US Treasury Department publishes a monthly dataset that details the holdings of foreign countries. This field is the amount of dollars China has earned abroad year-to-date. If China was following the traditional recycling playbook to the letter, it would buy US Treasury bonds in the same amount as its earnings from trading internationally.

When you have a big, intractable problem, the first step is to not make the problem worse. China has clearly realised that it should not dig itself into a deeper hole by reinvesting maturing Treasuries or coupon payments or recycling international trade income into Treasuries. What to Buy? China has a substantial amount of dollars sloshing around internationally.

With Treasuries off the table, the question becomes, what do they do with all of this capital? The one thing that Beijing appears unwilling to do is to correct this imbalance by giving Chinese households a greater share of GDP.

As of September , Chinese consumption represented just As the second largest economy, that is extremely, extremely low. But that is an extremely difficult political decision for it to make, because it would mean hurting the factions that gained wealth and power over the last 30 years as China became the workshop of the world. Instead of rebalancing its economy, Beijing must buy shit with its dollars.

By this logic, China should have no problem allowing the purchase of crypto with dollars held by its entities outside of China. This would have several benefits. Reduce the Dollar Long Bitcoin is outside of the control of any nation, making it a much better financial asset to recycle surplus dollars into than US Treasuries.

This of course assumes the primary concern of the buyer is to avoid being subject to arbitrary confiscation of their capital. A Chinese punter travels to Hong Kong to go shopping, eat bomb-ass Cantonese food which I would argue is the best of the eight national Chinese cuisines , and buy some Bitcoin.

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