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Chinese clubhouses in Little Bourke Street provided opportunities for fan-tan and other gambling games; even in the late 20th century there were occasional reports of police raids on gambling rooms in and around Little Bourke Street.

In the 19th century the most popular form of gambling took place at thoroughbred horseracing meetings. Initially wagers were made between owners and bookmakers, with the bookie simply wandering the lawns, taking bets, and writing these into a notebook.

Occasionally the bookmaker worked at Kirk's Horse Bazaar and the city clubs, most famously at the 'Call of the Card' for the Melbourne Cup. Smaller bets took place on the 'Flat' at Flemington racecourse and other racetracks. In the Victoria Racing Club moved to license on-course bookmakers. In the same year Robert Sievier arrived in Australia.

Sievier stood on a stand at the track, carried a large kit bag in which to hold money, displayed his odds on a board and wrote out tickets for each bet. The classic bookmaking style, which has lasted for more than a century, was born. Bookmakers became folkloric figures and their duels with 'leviathan' punters like Eric 'the Great EAC' Connolly or, more recently, Filipe 'Babe' or 'the Filipino Fireball' Ysmael, gave rise to tales of fortunes won or lost in the shadow of the post.

Joe Thompson, who boasted of his friendship with bushranger Ned Kelly and who named his mansion Don Juan after his Melbourne Cup-winning horse, handled massive wagers in the 19th century. Other familiar faces in the betting ring after the turn of the century included Sol Green, the East London Jew who drove to the track in his gold- or silver-plated cars, or 'The Baron' Skelton, one of the few of the so-called 'professional' punters to finish ahead of the books.

Flamboyant and popular with punters, the bookmaker was never fully accepted by race clubs, especially when those like Thompson, Green or the illegal tote proprietor, John Wren, bought and raced quality horses.

Sections of Melbourne's comfortable, and occasionally churchgoing, middle class have remained impervious to the appeal of the punt, so that the illegal gambling networks of the city, and after them the legalised poker machine business, have most often located in working-class locales. John Wren's Collingwood Tote totalisator or parimutuel betting which operated from to in one of the poorest working-class districts, proved a lucrative business, especially as totalised betting, with payouts depending on total invested on each horse, demanded that Wren take on none of the risks associated with the bookmaker's primary task in framing realistic markets.

The Collingwood Tote, if anecdotes are accurate, was aided by failure to refund money wagered on scratchings and by the massive commission extracted from each bet. Bookmakers, and gambling in general, drew frequent and near-hysterical condemnation from wowsers and some of Melbourne's Protestant churchmen, a reform movement most prominent in the s and revived in the s in a successful campaign to prevent bookmakers from laying bets with women.

Reformers' attempts to ban horseracing failed, and the anti-gambling crusaders, by preventing legal off-course betting, ensured the survival of an illegal SP Starting Price industry and the corruption of public officials in telephone services and law enforcement. Despite alterations to gaming legislation in the early 20th century and the creation of a police gaming squad, off-course betting flourished in Melbourne until at least the introduction of the TAB in and possibly until its more complete computerisation during the s.

Race broadcasts by radio brought the SP bookie to hotels throughout the metropolis during the s. Increased use of telephones allowed for a further massive expansion after Lesser betting opportunities, both legal and illegal, existed in greyhound racing and harness racing trotting and pacing. Anecdotal evidence points to extensive betting on Victorian Football League matches; before World War I bookmakers paraded in front of the grandstand at matches, shouting odds as the game progressed.

Gamblers flouted gaming legislation by playing cards off St Kilda beach, in Harry Stokes' floating baccarat school on Port Phillip Bay. The last such baccarat school was thought to have closed in More routinely, each Melbourne Cup brings with it the workplace sweep and occasionally the more elaborate Calcutta, often a fundraiser for a sporting club. A 'Ticket in Tatts' remained a favourite flutter and the phrase has passed into popular argot as meaning 'good fortune'.

Out on the course, it was left to the Canadian Percherons to wow the crowd. These magnificent black beasts weigh in at one tonne on their bare hooves the shoes weigh 4lbs apiece. But their driver had no problem turning six tonnes of horse and a carriage on the muddied course.

Their wonderful display was more than equalled by the irrepressible Irish team in the second round of the competition, riding three clear rounds. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and as first team to finish, it soon became clear we were destined for fourth place.

Yet still the crowd cheered. Even when we knew there was no hope Dermott Glennon received a tumultuous welcome as he rode out to complete our final clear round. Alas it wasn't going to be enough. Still, the Irish are renowned for loving the underdog and an understanding crowd appreciated the fact that this was the first time the Belgians have won the Aga Khan. How soon did they know they would be victorious, this reporter queried at the post-event press conference.

Before the competition started, came the confident reply. And we thought we were over-confident. But their actions in the arena matched their expectations before the event kicked off.

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