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Point spread betting explained further crossword

point spread betting explained further crossword

More than half the participants at that year's American Crossword. Puzzle Tournament were 50 or older. And senior puzzlers are finding their own voice on blogs. The point spread - also called "the line" or "the spread" - is used as a margin to handicap the favorite team. For betting purposes, the oddsmaker predicts. 20 game to Memphis State by more than the seven-point spread. That marked the start of "one of the worst sports betting scandals in U.S. US POLITICAL BETTING

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A point spread of -4 means your team needs to win by 5 points or more. It means dollar signs should appear in your eyes like in old Saturday morning cartoons. Well, not exactly. Do some football games end with the favorite winning by exactly one point covering the spread or two points push? Of course. What Does a Positive Spread Mean? A positive point spread number indicates that team is the underdog.

And even if the underdog does lose, the point spread gives it the opportunity to cover. Think of it as getting an extra full touchdown—in other words, a 7-point underdog starts with a lead before the game even starts. Always consider other options, too. In football and basketball, it usually means you should consider ditching the point spread and instead bet the underdog on the money line at better odds.

This occasionally happens in basketball usually the NBA , but rarely in football especially college football. Again, though, this only applies to football and basketball spread betting. Baseball and hockey are completely different. If that happened, Milwaukee would cover the point 2.

Ask yourself questions like: Is there better value backing an underdog on the moneyline rather than a small point spread? In basketball, is one team a much better free-throw shooting team than the other which is crucial in a close game? In football, are both field-goal kickers accurate, or is one better than the other? With a point spread of 3 points or less, who wins and loses—both on the field and at the betting window—often comes down to a last-second field goal attempt.

It can still be applied to other sports to great effect. You might find it frequently in basketball betting, too. As we already noted a few times, point spread bets can and often do end in ties. In this scenario, everyone who bet on the Colts and everyone who bet on the Titans would get a refund equal to their wager.

Nobody wins any money, and nobody loses any money. Now, if you add a half-point to the above example—Colts If the Colts win by exactly 9 points, they cover the spread by that half point; if Indianapolis wins by exactly 8 points, the Titans cover the spread by a half point. More from. A push is simply a tie in the outcome between the bookie and the bettor. When a "push" happens, punters have their wagers refunded. Although this is hardly a scenario, it does happen.

Interestingly, most bookies set the point spread as It is impossible for half a point in football, basketball, etc. Luckily, the Point Spread odds are easy to understand. Most games have a favorite and an underdog, and its associated odds show the bettor the amount of cash he stands to win if the bet wins. A more popular betting odd is ; both teams are usually issued this number. This is very common among several odds you would find on the internet regarding spread betting.

There is a commission or fee by the bookie for brokering this deal. The commission or fee is flexible, keeping the bookie in operation. The total profit is a combination of the wagered amount and the win. You can't get the whole profit due to the tax, fee, or commission to the sportsbook. Practical Example Get some practical examples that would help drive home the essence of this guide.

Here is a scenario describing how Spread betting works. The oddsmaker favors the Chiefs to win. They are the favorites, while the Buccaneers are the underdog. The odds are usually set at on both sides. As mentioned earlier, City Chiefs are the favorites while the Buccaneers are the underdogs.

The game was played on neutral ground, and the Point Spread was a contrast between both teams. Here, there was no home advantage factored into the Spread. For City Chiefs to cover the spread, they have to win the game with 5 points or more.

If they win by four points or less, the punter will lose the bet despite winning the game because they did not cover the Spread. On the other hand, bets placed on the Buccaneers would only be won if they win the game, an outright win, or lose with 3 points or less. If City Chiefs win the game by four points, the game goes to a "push. In both scenarios, the punters would be refunded their wager.

There is a possibility for a change up until the game starts. The oddsmaker could make changes for various reasons such as player injuries, one side getting more money, weather conditions, change of venue, coaching decisions, etc. Additionally, these reasons push the sportsbook to adjust the odds. Mostly, they increase the odds on the underdog, giving everyone a fair playing field. Due to these movements, it is best to wait to place the bet early or till a few hours before the game starts to place a wager.

However, there is a risk if you choose to wait. Waiting for the line to move could favor the bookmarker. Here is an example of a line movement between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos. Denver Broncos is playing host. Cleveland Browns But by Thursday, Baker Mayfield is not cleared to play due to an ankle joint injury.

So, here would be the new line: Cleveland Browns Interestingly, the line would move again if the doctor clears Baker Mayfield by Sunday. Timing is vital if you are considering Spread betting. However, whatever line you place the bet, your outcome does not change with various line movements. It takes a closer look at the punter to decide what side he should place his bet on.

Over time, generating your strategy would help you in the long run. However, here are a few strategies that you could build on. Home-field advantage Most teams have a good advantage when they play on their soil than on the road. But this depends on the team; how they can use the support of their fans. In football, the home-field advantage is factored in the odds. The point spread is usually more for the home side.

However, if you notice that the spread point for the home side is small, it simply means that the road team is superior. This is how the oddsmaker makes his statement. For instance, an NFL home team favored by Essentially, home-field advantage is tricky. It depends on how well a team can utilize it. Some teams lack a vibrant, cheering crowd or atmosphere compared to others.

Additionally, it is important to take note of factors like current forms, injuries, and more. Get information on the latest news to get a good value on the Point Spreads.

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