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Top courses in Forex and Day Trading · Complete day trading with Key level and Smart Money concept · Learn to Trade The News · ADVANCED Swing Trading Strategy-. Convera is a global leader in providing foreign exchange products and services and payment solutions and does business in Singapore through Western Union. The WFSx Smart Fx App provides a comprehensive digital smart solution for students studying abroad to manage their forex requirements in an efficient and. PREEV BTC TO PHP

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Instead, their role in the markets is to create liquidity. Simply put, market makers do not care about your existence. Retail traders are just not that significant in the grand scheme of things, even when you add them all together.

Does this mean market manipulation is entirely a myth? It does happen, but not in the way that SMC describes. No different from regular retail trading SMC traders believe that they are trading like the market makers rather than trading like other retail traders, and that this gives them an edge that their fellow retail traders lack.

In truth, SMC traders are trading exactly like their fellow retail traders. They are not trading "like the banks. There is nothing wrong with that per se, since they are teaching methods that can be useful. But some traders feel that presenting these old concepts as if they are brand new is disingenuous in some way.

To add to that, having to learn all of those new terms adds a level of unnecessary complication to the entire thing. SMC does not so much reinvent the wheel as it simply rebrands the wheel, putting it in a fresh new package. It is still a wheel. It turns in the exact same way and can get you to the exact same destination. Why go to the trouble to learn a new language to discuss something with which you already are probably familiar?

For most though not all traders, it is simply going to be easier to talk about support and resistance. If it works for you, there is no reason not to use it. Being able to consistently grasp what price is doing and profit from its behavior is more important than knowing why price is moving the way it is. Price action has a decades-long history of producing results for many people across not just currencies, but other assets as well. Since SMC is repackaged price action, it does have a solid core.

Some people find price action easier to understand when it is presented as SMC. While the theory that large institutions are targeting retail traders is dubious, it does seem plausible to suggest that larger institutions may sometimes go after smaller ones, generating some of what we are seeing. Liquidity grabs do exist, even if SMC is presenting them in a questionable framework. Cons of SMC: Some of the theory elements of SMC do not appear to make a lot of sense when you think logically about how irrelevant retail traders are to the big players.

Believing wholeheartedly in everything SMC presents could result in misunderstanding market fundamentals. One can neither prove nor disprove the theories behind SMC. They are purely speculative, and only an insider would be able to produce concrete evidence in either direction. All anyone can do is argue based on what they believe about what institutions do.

Switching up all the terminology the way SMC does can make for an unnecessarily convoluted learning process for price action, especially if you already are familiar with the standard language of price action. It may also make it harder for you to share what you learn with others who speak the regular price action language.

A lot of people are turned off by the elitist mystique surrounding SMC, and feel it is deceptive to sell old concepts as if they are new. Also, we are using the word "sell" here very literally. Smart Money Concepts trading would probably not be as popular as it is right now if some traders did not find it intuitive. If you do like how SMC expresses its terminology and techniques, then by all means, go ahead and give it a try.

Just be aware that the strategy is a repackaged form of good old-fashioned price action trading, and that you are doing the same thing as many other retail traders. But there is nothing wrong with that, because good old-fashioned price action trading is a tried and true method that has been profitable for many traders for decades.

If the strange terminology of SMC confuses you or you are looking for more free resources there are paywalls for many SMC programs , just study price action. The premise of this strategy is that you want to be doing the opposite to what the crowd of retail traders are doing, because you know that the smart money will take advantage of their predictable order placement. The left side of the order book displays all of the pending orders such as take profit and stop loss orders, whereas the right displays trades that are currently open.

By using the indicator to identify what the herd is doing, you can make better informed decisions and ultimately trade against them alongside the smart money. The order book indicator will allow you to: Find the largest stop loss clusters. Identify key market levels that institutions are likely to target. Determine where the next move is likely to originate from. Smart Money Trading Strategy 2: Taking Advantage of Traps A second strategy that allows you to trade with the smart money, uses another FXSSI indicator called the stop loss clusters indicator to view areas where stop orders have pooled.

All a cluster really implies is that there are a significant number of stop loss orders just waiting to be filled. Liquidity required to get a larger position filled, without incurring too much price slippage as they enter. What we see here is a smart money position being filled at liquidity identified by the indicator, all the way through to the subsequent closing of the position at demand.

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The Only Smart Money Strategy You Will Ever Need in Forex [ 4 EASY RULES ] (Smart Money Trading)

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