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Best book on rental property investing

best book on rental property investing

Rich Dad Poor Dad · The ABCs of Real Estate Investing · The Book on Rental Property Investing · The Millionaire Real Estate Investor · Mastering the. That said, Brandon Turner's "The Book on Rental Property Investing" is still the best first book. As someone who personally is getting ready to step up my game. Expert investor Brandon Turner's guide to buying rental properties offers pages of tips on building wealth. Start your journey to a million dollars. FREE ONLINE NFL BETTING

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The Book On Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner (Full Audiobook)

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best book on rental property investing

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The book also focuses on what might be holding you back from starting and the myths that surround investing. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is an honest and easy-to-read book that will encourage you to begin your own journey and help you utilize effective investing strategies. The book specifically addresses common issues landlords will have to contend with including collecting rents, evicting tenants, preparing leases, hiring a property manager and other staff, handling broken lease agreements, and how to keep up maintenance.

An easy-to-follow guide, this book walks you step by step on how to become a real estate investor no matter your financial situation or your experience. The book will touch on topics like discounted cash flow, capitalization rate, profitability index, net operating income, and net present value, to name a few.

Gallinelli will also cover general concepts in real estate investing and use case studies to show you examples of how these ideas work in the real world. Loopholes of Real Estate by Garrett Sutton Loopholes of Real Estate will show you how to protect yourself legally as a real estate investor as well as divulge how wealthy investors use tax loopholes to gain lucrative earnings from real estate properties.

Partner with a Real Estate Agent While each of these books can provide excellent tips and strategies on getting started in real estate investing, before you write out a check, consult with an experienced real estate agent who can help guide you throughout the entire investing process. Of course, investors often use multiple types of financing, and the "Creative Combinations" chapter emphasizes that you can mix and match various approaches to fit your deal or property.

Like Turner's other books, this one is easy to read and conversational. It includes real-life examples to provide inspiration and break up the educational content a "bonus chapter" at the end of the book briefly highlights 12 more investor stories. If financing is holding you back from entering the real estate investing world, this book is worth a read, even if it just gets you thinking about creative solutions. The book dives into topics like Fair Housing, advertising your vacancy, tenant screening, the application process, and lease agreements.

It also tackles tenant management, finding and supervising contractors, and dealing with problems—from repairs and bounced rent checks to abandonment and eviction. The Turners emphasize that no matter how good you are at finding real estate deals, you have to manage them correctly if you want to be a successful investor.

And while many investors hire property managers, this book is designed for those who want to manage their own rentals. Best for Flippers: The Book on Flipping Houses Courtesy of Amazon Buy on Amazon Flipping properties is an attractive option for many current and future real estate investors, but this endeavor requires much more up-front knowledge than most realize. In this revised edition, Scott explains every potential problem and cost investors can expect when flipping properties and insights on looking out for red flags before committing to a deal.

The book focuses on reducing your risk when buying properties and guides you through the rest of the process—from preparing your financing and finding deals to creating a budget and managing your rehab—to help you receive the maximum return on your investment. This book details each step of his process, from finding deals and buying under market value to rehabbing like a pro and setting rent prices.

Importantly, Greene explains how to scale your business, with tips to help you go from buying two houses a year to buying two per month. Even if you don't follow the BRRRR method, you'll find helpful advice that applies to other rental real estate strategies.

Greene explains different types of financing and how to negotiate offers that get accepted, increase a property's value, identify emerging markets poised for growth, and find the right real estate agent. Best for Out-of-State Investing: Long-Distance Real Estate Investing Courtesy of Amazon Buy on Amazon Real estate can be an excellent way to build wealth, but what happens if you live in a market where investing doesn't make financial sense?

As David Greene explains in his guide, out-of-state investing used to be considered risky. But the rules, technology, and markets have changed, allowing investors to cast a wider net to find deals nationwide. Greene details how to build your team, understand your market, manage out-of-state properties, maximize your ROI, and find more out-of-state deals—such as real estate owned REO properties, short sales, half-finished homes, and notices of default.

Greene also discusses the challenges of long-distance rehabs and how to work through them, including finding ways to incentivize your contractor, getting samples for reno projects, and determining the value of upgrades. This tax guidebook is targeted at novice real estate investors but can be helpful to mid-level investors as well. Han and MacFarland draw real-world examples to explain complex tax laws , making it easy for readers with no background in real estate, investing, or finance to understand tax codes and make decisions that will favor them financially.

Best for Extras: Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide Courtesy of Amazon Buy on Amazon Symon He's book is well-organized and sprinkled throughout with simple graphics, anecdotes, examples, and words of caution to keep the material interesting and engaging. He offers an excellent introduction to rental property investing, explaining his methods for winning at the right price, with the right property, with the right team, and plotting long-term success.

He offers a balanced approach to navigating the world of real estate investing , clarifying complicated topics for beginners while including insights that will appeal to savvier investors. The book comes with access to a long list of free digital assets—including worksheets, checklists, a market analysis tool, tenant templates, and various rental calculators—designed to make it a little easier to get started in rental property investing.

Final Verdict Rental real estate is a popular way to diversify investments while benefiting from passive income and wealth-building opportunities. While you don't need a degree or any specific training to get into rental real estate, it pays to learn everything you can before jumping in and risking money.

The books on this list are a great way to start your journey—or refocus it if you're struggling.

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Key Takeaways from The Book on Rental Property Investing - Brandon Turner

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