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Indikator forex untuk android market

indikator forex untuk android market

Identify the Perfect Buy/Perfect Sell time to enter the Trade Perfect Buy/Perfect Sell is when the Extreme is opposite the Trend. EURAUD daily chart plotted with RSI indicator to identify better exit or entry prices for forex. The RSI can be used equally well in trending or ranging markets. Technical indicators and price trackers to make trading easy for you. ROBO INVESTING REDDIT NO SLEEP

Tap the Edit button on the right side of the Details panel to make more precise adjustments to the object. After tapping the Edit button, you will see the Settings screen for the selected object. You can adjust such properties of the object as the object name, its placement, its look. The exact options depend on the object. Click the Done button at the top right to confirm changes.

Or tap the Back button to exit the Settings screen without making any changes. To delete an object, open the Details panel for the object by tapping and holding on it. Then press the Delete button at the top right of the Details panel to delete the selected object. Opening positions and placing orders You can open a position or place an order both on the Quotes screen and the Charts screen. To open a trade on the Charts screen, simply tap on the rightmost button New Order on the Instruments panel.

On the Quotes screen, tap the symbol of the market you want to trade and then choose New Order from the menu. You can choose what market you want to trade directly from the New Order screen. Choose the type of the order from the drop-down list at the top of the screen.

Underneath, you can see the position size. You can decrease it by 0. Tap on the position size itself to enter it manually. Below you will see two prices. The price to the left is the sell price and the price on the right is the buy price. Below, there are two fields — red and green. Enter your stop-loss in the red field and take-profit in the green field. The next field will depend on the type of order you have chosen.

If you have chosen Instant Execution, you will see the field for entering deviation , which allows you to set the maximum deviation in pips from the quoted price in case your broker will be unable to execute the order at the quoted price. Otherwise, you will see the drop-down menu for choosing the order expiration date. You have two options: GTC and Specified.

GTC stands for Good-Till-Canceled and means that the order will be active until it is triggered or you manually cancel it. If you choose the Specified option, you will have to enter the date and time. If the order is not executed before the specified date, it will be canceled automatically. You can set the day, month, year, hours, and minutes by pressing and holding on the value you want to change and then scrolling it up or down.

On the chart below, you can see two lines. The blue line shows the sell price, and the red line shows the buy price. If you have set stop-loss and take-profit, they will also be shown on the chart. The stop-loss is indicated with a slightly darker red line with the SL letters. The take-profit is indicated by a green line with the TP letters. In the case of Limit or Stop orders, you will also see a dark gray line with the label Price, indicating the price you set for order execution.

After you set everything up, tap the Sell or Buy buttons to execute the order instantly Instant Execution. Or tap Place to place a stop or limit order. Or choose the appropriate option from the Main menu. The Trade screen allows you to see your account balance as well as to see and modify all your open positions and orders. At the top of the screen, you can see the net profit or loss from all your open positions.

The background will be blue in case of a positive number, indicating profit, or red in case of a negative number, indicating loss. Below, you will see the details about your account balance. Balance shows your account balance disregarding any profits or losses from your open positions.

Equity shows your account balance including the net profit or loss from your open positions. The Free margin shows the funds in your account that are not attributed to any open positions. Margin level is the amount of funds in your account divided by the margin requirement for opening a position.

The Margin shows the amount of funds attributed to open positions. The Positions section shows all your open positions. Each entry shows details about a particular position: ticker symbol, the amount bought or sold, the price at which the asset has been bought or sold, the current price, the current loss or profit on the position. The Orders section shows all the orders you have placed. Each entry shows details about a particular order: ticker symbol, type of order, the amount to buy or sell, the price at which you wish to buy or sell, the current price.

You can tap on any entry to see additional details about it. Open positions and orders have some similar details shown: stop-loss level, profit-taking level, the ID of the particular trade. Any position will also show additional details: swap amount, tax amount, and commission.

Orders will have their own additional details: price at which the order will be executed, and also date and time of expiration in case you set up the order to expire if it is not realized until that date. Tap on the entry again to hide the additional details. Long-press on any entry to open a menu to modify it.

The menu will depend on whether you have pressed on a position or an order. If you have pressed on an open position, you will have the following options: Close order, New order which will open the New order screen discussed in the previous chapter , Modify order, Chart which will move you to the Charts screen for that market.

If you have pressed on an order, you will have the following options in the menu: Modify order, Delete order, Charts which will bring you to the Charts screen. If you slide any entry to the left, you will see a Quick menu for that entry with three options. The checkmark icon will send you to the Close order screen. The pencil icon allows you to modify the order. The icon with a chart will send you to the Charts screen for that market. To choose the order of entries, click on the icon with the up and down arrows Sorting in the Instruments panel.

It will bring up a draw-down menu with the available methods of sorting. Tap on the one you want. Tap on it again to sort in the opposite direction. To the right of the Sorting icon is the New Order icon. It will send you to the New order screen discussed in the previous chapter. History screen The History screen shows all of your realized trades. To get to the screen, choose it from the Navigation Menu at the bottom. Or choose the History option from the Main Menu.

Beneath, you can see all the realized positions for the chosen period. The details for each entry are similar to those on the Trade screen: ticker symbol, whether you were buying or selling, position size, price the position was opened at, price the position was closed at, date and time when the position was closed, the resulting profit or loss.

Tap on any entry to see additional details. They are the same as on the Trade screen, except you will also see the date and time when the position was opened. Tap on the entry again to hide additional details. Or you can choose to see history for all markets during the chosen period — the default setting. Tapping the up and down arrows icon Sorting will bring a drop-down menu for choosing the sorting entries.

It works the same way as the similar menu on the Trade screen: tap on an option to choose the sorting method, tap on it again to sort in the reverse order. To choose the period for which to show the history, tap on the calendar icon Period: in the Instruments panel. By default, the history is shown only for the current day Today setting. You can choose from the following predetermined settings: Today, Last week, Last month, Last 3 months. Additionally, you can set a Custom period.

It will bring up the screen for setting up the day, month, and year for the start and the end of the period. Slide each value up or down to change it. Click Done after you have finished setting up a custom period. Or click Cancel if you changed your mind and no longer want to set a custom period.

News screen To get to the New screen, choose it from the Navigation Menu at the bottom. Or choose the News option from the Main Menu. News is provided by your broker. Not all brokers use this feature, so do not be surprised to see an empty News screen. Messages screen To get to the Messages screen, tap on the Messages icon on the Navigation Menu at the bottom.

Or choose the Messages option from the Main Menu. To use the chat, you will have to register on the MQL5 site. If you have an account on the site, you will be able to chat with other traders registered on the MQL5 site. The Mailbox screen shows you the list of all the emails you have received from the platform. There is a chance that your broker will send you mail through the platform too, though it is most likely that for any important information your broker will contact you directly through phone or email.

Initially, all the messages in the list are in Bold font, indicating that you have not read them. Tap on the message you want to read to open it. After reading the message tap the Back button. The messages you have already read will now be displayed in normal font. To delete unwanted messages, tap on the Delete button in the Instruments panel. The Delete screen works similarly to the Delete screens described previously.

Tap on the empty box opposite the message you want to delete. The checkmark will appear in the box to indicate that the message is selected for deletion. You can select several messages or tap on the box with the checkmark to deselect the message. You can tap the Select all button in the Instruments panel to select all the messages. The Select all will change its appearance if you tap it to select all the messages. Tapping it again will deselect all the messages.

The Checkmark at the top left of the Delete screen shows the number of selected messages. You can tap on the Checkmark to exit the Delete screen without deleting messages. Tapping the Delete button in the Instruments panel will delete the selected messages. You can write your own email by tapping on the pencil icon Compose email button in the Instruments panel. You can write a mail to the system administrator or technical support, at least if your broker permits it.

Specify to whom you are sending the mail in the To field. You can choose only one recipient. Specify the subject of your mail in the Subject field. Then write the message itself in the Your message field. Tap the Send mail button at the top right of the screen to send the message when you have finished writing it.

Or tap the Back button if you wish to exit the screen without sending the message. The Journal screen shows all the events that happened with your MetaTrader 4 platform. It is important to remember that the Journal screen shows only technical events with your platform and does not show your trades. To see active trades, go to the Trade screen. To see closed trades, go to the History screen. The Refresh button in the Instruments panel allows you to refresh the events list.

The Show list of logs button opens the list of all available logs. Each trading day has a separate log. If you have some technical problems with the MetaTrader 4 platform, you can use the Send log button to report the problem to technical support.

Choose the log for the day when the problem occurred and tap the Send log button. You will then be prompted to describe the problem. When you have finished writing the report about the problem, tap Done at the top right of the screen to send the log and the report. Or tap Back at the top left to exit without sending the report. Economic calendar The Economic calendar option in the Main Menu lets you use the Tradays app to view the economic calendar.

If you do not have the Tradays app, tapping the option in the Main Menu will send you to the app page in Google Play. Tap Install if you to install the app. Tapping the Economic calendar option in the Main Menu of the MetaTrader 4 app while you have the Tradays app installed opens the Tradays app. Settings The Settings screen can be accessed from the Main Menu and allows you to adjust the MetaTrader 4 application behavior to your liking.

A checkmark in the checkbox means that the appropriate setting is on. An empty checkbox means it is off. Tap on the checkbox to change between the on and off modes. Some of the settings were discussed in the previous chapters. This chapter explains the rest of them. Quotes This section allows you to change settings for the Quotes screen. As was discussed previously, the Advanced mode setting changes between the Simple and Advanced modes of the Quotes screen.

The Order sounds setting allows you to turn on or off sound alerts for changes in the status of your orders. Charts This section allows you to change settings for the Charts screen. As was discussed in the Charts screen section, the Line type setting allows you to choose between different chart types. Here are examples of the available chart types: Candlestick Bar chart Line chart The OHLC setting determines whether the Charts screen shows the open, high, low, and close prices for the last candle or the candle pointed with the crosshair.

The Data window setting turns on and off a pop-up window that shows indicator values for the candle or bar pointed with the crosshair. The Show volumes setting allows you to see trade volumes on the chart. The Show trade levels setting determines whether the chart shows the prices of pending orders as well as the stop-loss and take-profit levels.

If you turn the Independent charts setting on, graphical objects will only be created on the current symbol chart and the selected timeframe. If you turn it off, the description will say that graphical objects will be created on charts of all symbols and all timeframes.

But in practice, it looks like objects will be created only on the current symbol chart even with the setting turned off, though they will be shown on all the timeframes for the selected symbol. The Show period separators setting allows you to add to the chart vertical lines that show the larger timeframe borders. For the monthly and weekly timeframes, it will show years. For the daily timeframe, it will show months.

And for all the timeframes below daily it will show days. The chart with the separators. And without them. The Ask price line determines whether the chart shows the red Ask line. Colors The Colors setting sends you to a separate screen that allows you to modify the colors of various elements on the chart. You can choose one of the predetermined color schemes from the dropdown menu in the Scheme option. You can choose Black on White the default scheme , Green on Black the scheme that makes the app look similar to the desktop version , or Custom your own custom scheme.

The chart with the Black on White color scheme. The chart with the Green on Black color scheme. If you want to create your own custom scheme, the Background setting allows you to choose between White and Black backgrounds. Tap on the specific element of the chart you want to choose.

This will bring a color palette with a checkmark showing the currently chosen color for that element. Tap on the color you want the element to be changed to. Tap Done to save the changes you have made. Or tap Back to exit the screen without saving the changes. Remember that choosing one of the predetermined schemes will erase your custom scheme. Choosing the Custom scheme again will not restore your custom settings.

Messages This section allows you to modify settings for notifications. It can be used to send messages to the device. Tapping on the setting brings a window with the ID, an explanation of its purpose, and two buttons. Tap Copy to copy the ID to the clipboard. Tap OK to close the window.

Vibration determines whether your phone vibrates when you receive a notification. The available options are: Always the phone vibrates every time you receive a notification , Only when silent the phone vibrates only if it is in the silent mode and will not vibrate if sounds are on , Never the phone does not vibrate when you receive a notification. Notification ringtone allows you to choose a ringtone for notification alerts among those installed on your phone.

Content auto-download determines whether attachments in messages will be downloaded to your phone automatically. There following options: Always attachments will be downloaded automatically , Use Wi-Fi only attachments are downloaded only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network to reduce the usage of the mobile Internet and associated fees , Never attachments are downloaded only manually when you click on them.

News The Enable News setting determines whether you will be receiving news updates in the News tab. Interface If you are using a tablet rather than a phone, turn the Tablet Interface setting on to change the interface of the MetaTrader 4 app to the one more suited for tablets. Two of them, Account Monitoring and Traders Community, send you to the registration page.

Trading applications send you to the page that allows you to download trading applications that require the MetaTrader 4 platform for Windows to work. Differences between the desktop and mobile versions While both the desktop and the mobile versions of the MetaTrader 4 platform share similar functionality, there are a few key differences between them that traders should consider.

The most obvious difference is the interface. Not only Volume Profile allows you to spot support and resistance levels, it also highlights prices where there was heavy price action in the past. Knowing that some prices had important activity in the past can significantly help setting up trades, stop-losses, and take-profits for your future trades. The indicator scans the defined number of previous bars and calculates the volume of activity at each price level.

The result is presented through a vertical histogram chart — the longer the histogram is, the more activity at that price level was. You can set the indicator to display the volume profile up either to the current, most recent candle, or to some previous date. Open the MQL4 Folder. Copy all the folders from the archive directly to the MQL4 folder. Restart MetaTrader 4 or refresh the indicators list by right-clicking the Navigator subwindow of the platform and choosing Refresh.

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Indikator Forex Ada berbagai indikator-indikator Forex yang bisa dijadikan pilihan oleh para trader Forex. Berikut beberapa indikator tersebut. Dengan begitu, indikator trend overlay ini bisa menginformasikan secara langsung tentang arah trend selanjutnya. Beberapa indikator yang termasuk dalam trend overlay adalah sebagai berikut.

Moving Average MA Indikator moving average merupakan indikator yang paling dasar dan akurat. Indikator ini juga biasanya dijadikan referensi untuk analisa teknikal sehari-hari. Jadi, indikator ini dapat dikatakan sebagai indikator yang wajib bagi para trader pemula. Untuk garis moving average, Anda juga bisa menambah jumlah garis moving average untuk dapat menghasilkan sinyal trading crossover per-potongan.

Cara menggunakan hasil sinyal trading crossover tersebut adalah dengan melihat pergerakan garis moving average yang periode-nya lebih pendek terhadap moving average yang periode-nya lebih panjang. Moving average 20 untuk periode pendek dan moving average 50 untuk periode panjang. Untuk selanjutnya, dengan menunggu terjadinya crossover antara moving average 20 dan moving average 50, trader dapat memprediksi arah trend Forex.

Bollinger Bands BB Indikator selanjutnya ada bollinger bands yang merupakan indikator akurat juga. Indikator ini adalah indikator perkembangan dari moving average. Garis tengah pada indikator bollinger bands adalah simple moving average Sedangkan upper band dan lower band garis atas dan garis bawah adalah deviasi dari garis tengah tersebut.

Biasanya indikator trend bollinger bands ini digunakan oleh trader untuk mengetahui kekuatan trend terkini. Secara teknis, ketika menghadapi resistance di upper band atau support di lower band maka kekuatan trend untuk berlanjut ke salah satu arah akan teruji. Arah trend Forex bisa diprediksi oleh trader ketika candlestick bergerak menembus lower band, dan membentuk periode tren menurun downtrend.

Perlu diketahui indikator untuk platform Metatrader 4 memiliki extension berupa mq4 atau ex4 sedangkan indikator untuk Metatrader. Dan jika kalian belum tau cara merubah background atau latar belakang chart supaya. Android Di Metatrader terdapat fitur yang bernama push notification. Oke langsung saja kita mulai pembahasan kali ini tentang cara memunculkan indikator forex di android.

Sumber Video Youtube Provits Training. Mula-mula anda harus mempunyai file program robotnya terlebih dahulu yang bisa anda dapatkan di internet ataupun membelinya sebab ada ribuan jenis robot yang beredar tetapi. Jadi indikator yang wajib kalian gunakan versi saya yaitu 2 saja.

Bagi trader pengguna MT4 berbasis windows sepertinya bisa lebih bernafas lega karena bebas berkreasi dibandingkan dengan pengguna MT4 versi android hal ini dikarenakan MT4 berbasis windows menyediakan fasilitas sedemikian rupa setidaknya antara lain.

Forex market is high-yield and risky mean of taking profit by operations with the currency rates. Dalam menentukan arah harga dan prediksi turun naiknya harga di pasar trader terbagi menjadi 2 yaitu trader menggunakan analisa fundamental dan. Nah itu dia cara memasukan indikator yang telah tersedia di MetaTrader 4. Nah itu dia cara memasang indikator Fibo atau Fibonacci Retracement.

Cara untuk memasang sell stop dan buy stop di android cukup mudah sekali. Dec 18 Forex forum di Indonesia Introduction. Untuk indikator custom saya sendiri belum tau bagaimana cara memasukannya ke dalam MT4 jadi tunggu saja update selanjutnya. Read: Cara Menjual Emas Di Pegadaian Hampir semua broker menggunakan platform metatrader untuk klien mereka mengakses ke pasar forex.

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