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Pacquiao vs rios betting odds

pacquiao vs rios betting odds

However, a comfortable win against Brandan Rios in proved that Pacquiao is Fixed Odds & Multiples bets are placed with PPB Counterparty Services. At the online sports books it is Pacquiao who is the comfortable favorite to get the win, coming in at anywhere between to For the. So, according to these odds, a successful $ wager on Pacquiao would yield a total profit of $17, while a successful $ bet on Rios would. SKY BET MOBILE PLACEPOT TIPS

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Then in the rematch, which took place on March 30, he lost a decision in a fight that was filled with drama. In that bout the WBO light welterweight pound title was on the line. Now he moves up yet another weight division to take on Pacquiao. When there are well-hyped fights like the Rios-Alvarado rematch, it is not often that the man who gets the bigger reward, in terms of money and opportunity, is the one who LOST the match.

Yet that is the case here. Rios is the one who was selected to fight one of the two biggest pay-per-view attractions in the sport, while Alvarado had the title but went on to fight, and lose to, Ruslan Provodnikov. So why has the loser gotten the spoils? Rios, as a straight-ahead brawler type, is much more suited for Pacquiao than Alvarado, who allows himself to get into brawls, quite obviously, but can exhibit strong boxing skills with movement on occasion as well.

Rios might have a height advantage over Pacquiao, and Manny may be the guy who has, over the span of his career, started at junior flyweight before moving as high as junior middleweight. Can Rios take his punches? That is an unknown, since the Lubbock, TX native has not fought as a welterweight before. They want people to be talking about how sharp PacMan looked after this fight, and this is about as good a matchup as any to put punching capacity on display.

Is Pacquiao broken? If Pacquiao is indeed on a fast decline the window in which to take advantage will be small. This fight against Rios could be the last time boxing bettors get the chance to earn a big payday betting against Pacquiao. If he suffers a third straight loss he will not be as big a favorite the next time he enters the ring, if he ever does again. If Rios does win, it will likely come via KO, with the same likely win result applying to Pacquiao.

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Brandon Rios Cries After Loss To Manny Pacquiao

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pacquiao vs rios betting odds


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Bradley vs. Rios 2015 (HBO Boxing)

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