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Spread betting in football explained video

spread betting in football explained video

You will be able to place a sports spread bet maximising your chances of success without avoiding the usual traps most punters fall into. You will also have a. Discover short videos related to explain spread betting football on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Gambling. A point spread is a betting system used by sportsbooks to even out the odds between two teams. Each team is labelled the favorite (-) or. INVESTING IN YOUR 20S AUSTRALIA

Shirt Numbers The make-up of a shirt number spread is the combined total of the numbers of all the goal scorers during the game. As we mentioned before spreads are generally based on public opinion, therefore if you research or have first hand experience of likely team sheets you will be able to determine better than the rest of the public what a likely shirt number make-up would be.

For example, say you are an Arsenal fan with your finger on the pulse on the goings on at the club and you hear that Nicklas Bendtner is likely to start. Now Nicklas Bendtner at the time of writing this is number 52 for Arsenal, with this information you can BUY the spread and then SELL once the information is made public via the line-ups being published and therefore the spread being raised.

You can do this because the general spread betting public have a tendancy to over-react to high shirt numbers so therefore once the line-ups are published spread bettors will rush to BUY in the hopes that Bendtner scores a hat-trick. There is also another way to profit in the Shirt Numbers market, however this circumstance comes around far less often. When this happens you would be wise to SELL the spread as more often than not he will not score.

Supremacy or Team Performance If you are considering a teams supremacy in a game you may be better taking their performance or mini-performance. When the spread is only 0. Basically before you place any wagers right down on a piece of paper the exact result you think the match will finish along with other likely outcomes. Then from this determine whether or not the Supremacy, the Team Performance or in fact another market is better for you. This guide explains how to read football odds and discusses the different types of bets you can place.

Reading NFL Odds When you go on a betting site and want to place a bet on an NFL game, you will see the odds represented as a number with a positive or negative sign before it. Here, there are two numbers you need to know about. The first one is the spread, and the second is the odds. The minus sign indicates that the team is a favourite, meaning they are more likely to win the game, while a plus sign means they are the underdog.

This is the team less likely to win. The spread is the number of points the winner needs to win by for the bet to win. For example, a spread of The odds are the actual payout structure of the game. You do not have to bet this amount as your bet will be scaled up or down accordingly. Now that we understand how spreads and odds work, what types of bets can you place on the NFL?

It is simply a bet on the team that will win the game. Many people like this bet because it is very easy to place and does not require any research or analysis. Additionally, there are no spreads to think about, as you only need the team to win for your bet to be a winner. The Moneyline odds are represented by a three-digit number with the plus or minus sign before them. You will also see spread points posted at the same time as the Moneyline odds.

Point Spread Bets As discussed above, point spread bets win when a team wins or loses by more than the points indicated. It is also a very popular option, which is why many betting sites offer it. Teams with a negative are predicted to win, while those with a plus are predicted to lose. If you place a bet for the winning team with a minus sign , they have to win by more than the spread listed. If you choose the losing team, they have to lose by less than the number indicated for the bet to win.

Wining a bet like this is sometimes called covering the spread. Overs and Unders Total These are straightforward bets to understand.

Spread betting in football explained video poker hands to play pre flop betting


What if the two teams are evenly matched? Technically speaking, you could get a points spread of zero, however, this is extremely rare. In most cases and especially in football, the smallest spread you will see is 0. Why are half numbers common in the spread? You may have noticed that in the above example, we used figure 7. With NFL games, the spread almost always contains. This is the same for most sports, however, in the likes of basketball, round numbers are common.

The reason that half numbers are used is to eliminate the probability of a tie altogether. If we refer back to the above example, with a 7. However, if the spread was 7 and the game ended with a points difference of seven, then both sides would have a claim to the win. Half numbers give the sportsbooks an easy way of eliminating this possibility.

Is it better to bet on the underdog or the favorite against the spread? The best time to get a picture of whether to bet against the spread on a team is around mid-season. By this point, you can check a team's record against the spread. For example, you might think the Lions are a chumps bet with a record mid-season. However, on closer inspection, you might see they are actually against the spread as they tend to keep games close.

In this case, an underdog spread bet might be worth your while. Can you have multiple spreads on the same match? When you see a basic betting line in the US, it will typically show three markets — the moneyline, the spread, and the total. In the UK, multiple spreads for the same game is common, but not here in the US.

Does the spread work the same in every sport? So, with the odds from the American Odds example above, here is an illustration of how that would work. Accordingly, bookmakers believe the Dallas Cowboys have a Now, the steps are different to calculate the implied probability for negative American odds.

But, they are still fairly simple. This means that the Kansas City Chiefs have a When to Bet Against the Odds If you want, you can place your wager on the underdog, or the team most likely to lose. This is known as betting against the odds. This is the original amount that you wagered, plus profit. And, it is quite a profit. As you can see, betting against the odds can earn you quite a profit.

However, the odds of this type of bet paying off are much lower than if you bet on the team favored to win. So, you should only bet against the odds when you are fairly certain you will win. Find more about a BetRivers promo code Register for horse betting with TwinSpires Try reading some information about how to bet on soccer with our short guide Understanding Fractional Odds Fractional Odds tend to be found more often in Europe than in the United States.

Typically, they are popularly used in United Kingdom horse race betting. Fractional odds show that you will receive your profits in proportion to your stake. Here, we will use the same sports game example from above to illustrate Fractional Odds. This means that for every three dollars you wager, you will get a profit of four dollars.

So, it is lucky that they are not used as often as the other odds in the United States. However, it is still important to understand them. Understanding Decimal Odds Finally, we have reached our third type of odds that we will be exploring. Decimal Odds are a type of odds that are very popular. You can find Decimal Odds used in countries around the globe. Many sportsbooks that you will find online will use Decimal Odds.

Now, this sounds more complicated than it actually is. So, we will use the same sporting event example from above to illustrate decimal odds. So, say the Dallas Cowboys have 3. And, they are easy to calculate. That makes decimal odds a pretty easy yet important odds type to understand. How to Understand Value Bets In order to place bets that will be profitable, you should only put down your money when there is value.

So, we can illustrate this using our example from above. That means we should only place a wager if we can tell a team has better odds to win than are shown by the odds. So, if you think the Chiefs have a better chance to win than Or, if you think the Cowboys have a better chance to win than And, each type of odds has its own meaning.

Plus, you have learned how to use these types of odds to your benefit. And, you now know how to calculate implied probability. So, you can use these tools to place the best wagers available. But, you should still make sure to do your research before placing your bets. You will want to know specifics about the teams and sporting events involved. That way, you can decide when to bet against the odds. However, now that you have all this information, you are more prepared to jump into sports betting.

Plus, you should be able to calculate the amount of profit you can earn with your bets. And, that will make you the best bettor that you can be. Formula 1?

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