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Bitcoin exchange affiliate program

bitcoin exchange affiliate program

6 Best cryptocurrency affiliate programs: · Best for multi exchange and automation: Altrady · Best for direct trading: LocalBitcoins · Best for. Bitcoin IRA runs a straightforward affiliate marketing program. Simply refer to an IRA holder and once they sign up, you earn $ Signing up is. Grow your brand and earn passive income with's affiliate programme. Partner with the world's fastest growing crypto platform today. VEGAS ONLINE SPORTS BETTING

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Once you have results, you can get paid in BTC. The affiliate programs require to have an account with your personal details, and then you can use the marketing materials associated with your profile. In general, you can choose from: Website tracking links - HTML links, banners, emailers; QR codes with integrated tracking links for mobile; Mobile app codes for tracking of downloads, signups; Personal coupon codes with an associate discount or referral number; The most important thing is to track your performance.

Every program has a dashboard with your activity, so you can see how to improve your conversion. Nowadays, Bitcoin is one of the most profitable niches, and the commission rates vary between 0. How the Bitcoin affiliate works Once you have full access to your affiliate account, you can take a look at all available features. There are sections for everything. If you need anything custom, you can contact the customer support or your affiliate manager and request something unique.

Usually, it happens through a personal blog, social media, emails but not spam , QR codes on your car or PC, chat, public profiles, etc. The condition to this is that the trade must happen within days of sign up and can either be a complete USD trade or be stretched across different currencies that equal USD Do note, however, that your referral will have to buy and sell in a Coinbase-supported country.

You can find more details about the affiliate program and the sign-up link here. For detailed information and some FAQs about the program, you can go here. It offers payments directly to the domestic currency of your bank account and not the exchange account and trades include spot trade fees, margin opening fees, and margin rollover fees.

If you are a website, then your content should be related to finance or cryptocurrencies with no minimum limit of monthly traffic. In order to be eligible for the affiliate program, you must verify that you and your referee are from one of these eligible states listed on their website. Note that your referees need to make that trade within 30 days for you to get the bonus. Additionally, you can use this program up to 10 times. You can find more details about the program and its sign-up link here.

Affiliate payments are made every month. You can find more information about the referral program here. Crypto Wallets Affiliate Programs These are some of the popular cryptocurrency wallets and their affiliate programs. Trezor This cryptocurrency wallet offers a Pay-per-Sale affiliate program, which means you get a commission for every purchase that your referrals make. You can find more details about their affiliate program here. If you have a social media account in the field of finance, then you can easily sign up for their program.

You can find more details about their program here. You can find their sign-up link here. PrivacyPros Billfodl is a fire- and flood-proof device that lets you store your seed phrase — the one that gives you access to your cryptocurrencies in your wallet. You can find more detail about the device and the sign-up link here. Other Crypto Affiliate Programs A Ads They are a one-of-a-kind bitcoin advertising network that offers website traffic through its various publishers.

If someone joins their network via your referral link, then you get half of the advertising fees during six months without any expenses. You can find more details about their terms here. If you want to sign-up for their affiliate program, then you can visit here. Abra It is an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and exchange application that offers you to store and generate interest on your cryptocurrencies.

They, thus, offer bonuses to both the promoter and the person who joins through their link. You can find more details about their referral program here. There is no upper limit to the number of referees that you can bring.

You can also expect to get some seasonal rewards.

Bitcoin exchange affiliate program xpub bitcoins

List of Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

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Earn $2,262+ With Crypto Affiliate Marketing in 2022 (Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs)

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