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gtx 1070 ethereum roi › device › gpu › nvidia-gtx Bitcoin and Ethereum mining have been making headlines again, it was finally time to retire my old GTX / or RX Vega 56/ Nvidia GTX can reach MH/s hashrate and W power consumption for mining ETH (Ethash). Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty. BITCOIN GOLD TRANSACTION

Most of the remainder of the article hasn't been touched since around July , though we did tweak a few of the prices and break-even time estimates. Guessing at the price is like guessing at the value of any other commodity: It can go up or down at a moment's notice, and Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are generally more volatile than even the most volatile of stocks.

On the other hand, mining difficulty tends to increase over time and only goes down when people stop mining like with the China mining crackdown , as the difficulty is directly tied to the network hash rate i. The above is something of a best-case scenario for when you'd break even on the cost of a GPU.

Actually, that's not true. The best-case scenario for miners is that the price of Ethereum doubles or triples or whatever, and then everyone holding Ethereum makes a bunch of money. Until people start to cash out and the price drops, triggering panic sells and a plummeting price.

That happened in with Ethereum, and it's happened at least three times during the history of Bitcoin. Like we said: volatile. Still, there are obviously plenty of people who believe in the potential of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and blockchain technologies.

Even at today's inflated GPU prices with mining profitability slumping, some people are likely still making a go at mining. At least if the value of the coins drops, you still have the hardware that's at least worth something provided the card doesn't prematurely die due to heavy mining use. That means, despite the overall rankings in terms of time to break even , you're generally better off buying newer hardware if possible. Even when profitability drops, GPU prices tend to take longer to come down.

There's also a balance between time to break even and daily potential profits, but at this point we strongly advise against anyone investing more money into GPU mining. Okay, sure, you can try to get ahead of the next wave, whenever that happens if that happens. For those still interested, we've considered the options and come up with this list of the best mining GPUs for Ethereum right now — things can change rapidly based on pricing and availability, not to mention the valuation of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Make sure you get one of the non-LHR models, though, or mining profitability with Ethereum is a lot lower. The GeForce RTX is also worth a look, provided you can find one of the earlier models where the LHR lock was accidentally broken with older drivers for a good price. Mining performance is lower but efficiency and break-even time are basically the same as the XT. Just don't get the 4GB models! Of course these could be five years old cards by this point, and buying a used graphics card presents some obvious risks!

It is also important to check the mind-boggling hashrate of your chosen card with your power consumption. Two cards may look equal in terms of the amount of hash rate but may have different outputs for power consumption. GPU Power Consumption Power consumption is also an important factor that you need to consider while buying a graphics card for mining. The best graphics cards for mining will have a lower power consumption than your general use GPUs.

There are two different types of power consumption in relation to graphics cards. AMD cards are among the most efficient ones thanks to their architecture and thus require low power consumption. Hence, you need to choose the best card that will suit both your needs. And stay away from overclocked versions of the graphics cards as they are quite expensive and may end up not lasting long enough. Budget and Price The next thing that you need to consider while buying a graphics card for mining is your budget.

You need to go for the most efficient and reliable ones so that you can make the most out of your mining process. So, first determine your budget and then set a safe limit for you on how much money you have to spend on a brand new gaming card.

And you should always go for the latest version of the graphics card so that you can make the most out of your money. Graphics Memory The GPU memory is also an important factor that you need to look at while buying the best graphics card for mining. You need to know which one is good for you and which one you should go for.

While considering the amount of video memory, also consider your budget and choose the graphics card accordingly. These companies have a good reputation and they always deliver a great product. These cards can run for long hours without getting overheated because they have good cooling features. So make sure that you check the brand name and reviews before buying any graphics card for mining on Amazon. What kind of graphics card specifications should you look for to mine efficiently?

You need to look at the hash rate of the graphics card.

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Nicehash n'est pas un pool minier classique.

Shakhter karagandy vs celtic betting tips Could you not buy them singly? I knew nothing about mining when I got started, and am so glad that I started using minerstat from the get go. The Ti is the mid range card in the Nvidia series. Org to showcase their brand New Flux Mining Pool! Let us explain hash power for beginners.
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Ahmad arif instaforex reviews Please use the following dashboard to understand how best to configure your rigs for maximum Flux Mining operation. A solution is a result gained after one cycle of mining software operation. What is the amount of Ethereum ETH mined per day? In this series I have now added withdrawal fees to the bottom line. Before you can set up a new wallet, you must have a Folding at Home passkey. If the graph on the right side is coloured in violet the GPU is thermal throttling.


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Cuanto Gano minando ETHEREUM con una nvidia 2060 y una 1070, en Latinoamérica, vale la pena?

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