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Seminar on real estate investing

seminar on real estate investing

1. Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) · 2. Fortune Builders Real Estate Investing Seminars · 3. The Investor Forum · 4. Alternative Options |. We regularly provide seminars and interactive webinars on property investing strategies, market cycles and a range of hot topics. Start Building Your Financial Fortune online real estate investing class will give you · Strategies to avoid common mistakes investors make · How to choose the. SUPER BOWL MVP ODDS

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How To Build A GREAT Real Estate Investing Business (Live Seminar)


Do you know how to accurately determine the AS-IS value of an ugly house? Do you know After Repair Value ARV of a property for a buy and hold vs a fix and flip or a high end rehab vs a low end rehab? Do you know how to accurately determine repairs and estimate repair costs before you buy? Are you totally comfortable using the numbers your buyer or sellers give you when working a deal? Do you know how to quickly run the numbers like a pro? You can explore the upcoming trips here. The goal is to help everyone chart a better path to growth and prosperity, no matter which way the market moves.

You can learn more here. To learn more, here are the details. Freedom Fest When: July , Where: Las Vegas, Nevada What: This is an annual conference that invites some of the best thought influencers from around the world to talk, strategize, socialize and celebrate liberty. Final Notes on Investment Events These are some of the top investment seminars available.

For the most up-to-date info, please visit their event pages linked above. Professionals from around the world can attend these events.

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How To Accelerate Your Property Investment Success - The Property Investment Seminar 2022 seminar on real estate investing

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