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Betting on player stats

betting on player stats

PLAYER PROP STATS REAL-TIME UPDATES. Get up-to-the-minute updates on player performance, right on the My Bets tab. Place in-game prop bets with all. A look at player stats for every player in the NFL. Find yards, touchdowns, turnovers, and more to help you build your fantasy lineups. Make sports betting more entertaining and enable more confident in-play trading with Stats Perform's live streams, sports data and bet stimulation content. A BETTER PLACE A BETTER TIME TOH KAY MP3 BLOGSPOT

There might be a chance that he was listed on the soccer injury report ahead of time. Same thing with card suspensions. Oddsmakers would know far ahead of time and the information would be out there. While it may be successful in spots, it pays to do the research ahead of time. Even the best teams can go on slumps during a season. Was it because of injuries? Bad matchups?

That team having players out for international duties? You should spend ample time doing research before you place any bets. Many sportsbooks are already taking bets as to outright winners, as well as bets such as who will advance to the elimination round and winners of each group. Outside of big international tournaments, the most popular leagues to bet on have typically been the English Premier League, La Liga the main Spanish league , Ligue 1 the top French league , Serie A the top Italian league and Liga Nos the top Portuguese league.

A three-way bet is having the choice to bet either team in a match to win inside 90 minutes. You also have the third option to bet the draw. What Is a Futures Bet in Soccer? Triple-doubles are tougher to rack up, and the usual suspects account for the majority of them. You might be able to find some additional player prop bets in other categories — 3-pointers, steals, blocks, free throws, etc — but none of these are super prevalent in the industry at the moment.

If a slow-paced team is playing in a pace-up spot, you probably want to give those players a slight bump compared to their usual projections. The opposite is true when looking at a fast team in a pace-down matchup. Ultimately, possessions are king in prop betting. The more possessions, the more opportunities to rack up points, rebounds, and assists. Prop betting strategies The number one mistake that many prop bettors make is playing too many overs.

In general, you want to be wagering on unders unless you have a good reason not to. There are a few key reasons for this. First and foremost, betting on overs is simply more fun than betting on unders. No one wants to watch a basketball game and root for missed shots. For that reason, most lines are inflated towards the over, which creates value with the under.

In case you need a brief refresher in your elementary math, mean refers to the average scoring, while median refers to the most likely middling outcome. LeBron has averaged But means can be deceiving. Covering by one point is the same as covering by This is where the median expectation comes into play.

Even though LeBron has averaged Most players are going to fit this model. Very rarely will they have games where they score well below their season average — particularly the all-stars — but they will have games where they crush. This means most players will have a lower median scoring expectation than mean. Thinking in this manner can give you a leg up on other sports bettors.

Recency bias occurs because people typically place way too much stock in recent outcomes and ignore the longer track record. If a player has averaged Is his scoring streak due to an unusual volume of shooting opportunities — possibly due to an injury — or is he simply riding a few hot shooting performances?

How else can I utilize the prop market? The prop market provides an insight into how bookmakers are expecting each player to perform each evening, and that knowledge can be valuable in NBA DFS. You can also see how the market is reacting to the lines that are set. If the scoring prop for a particular player continues to rise throughout the day, you can bet the majority of the wagers on that prop are coming in on the over.

That said, I would recommend exercising caution in relying too heavily on the lines set by the sportsbooks. I am much more interested in the perspective of particular NBA experts than the bookmakers on any given night. Summary Prop betting is one of the easiest ways to get into sports betting, and it can also be one of the most profitable.

You can bet on a variety of NBA props on each slate, including scoring, rebounding, assists, and triple-doubles. There are a ton of excellent resources out there that can give you an edge over the oddsmakers, and when all else fails, remember to lean toward the under instead of the over.

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Poisson distribution analysis lets you predict the number of goals the team will score in the next game for the purposes of statistics betting. The technique takes advantage of the fact that the team can average 2. In this case, the distribution tells you much more about what is likely to happen than the average does.

Just copy the historical data you find in online sports databases and the app or spreadsheet template will crunch the numbers for you. The only thing left to do is translate the probabilities into bets. Update your data after each game. Whether you win or lose a bet, study the statistics until you know why. Your win-loss record as a bettor is subject to statistical analysis too. The techniques in this article can help you figure out whether you are using a statistics betting strategy right or wrong.

If you want to become even better at sports betting, keep track of your bets and review them once in a while. Also, keep adding new variables into the equation if you want to find the stats that have the most impact on the outcome. The more time and energy you put into research, the more your betting skills will improve. Important Premier League Statistics Setting aside all of this theory, the most pressing question must be how to calculate football statistics to place winning bets on Premier League matches.

Regression analysis, Bayesian techniques, and Poisson distributions can help you analyse historical data to make accurate predictions about future events. If a particular fullback reliably makes five successful passes and two crosses per game, it says one thing if the fullback averages 90 minutes of playing time per game versus 30 minutes. If the fullback averages 30 minutes, multiply his stats by three to get his per 90s performance betting statistics.

Total shot ratio is another stat to keep an eye on. Pros rarely base their bets on possession time. Richer clubs can afford to draft better players, and better players keep possession of the ball. Do Referees Count? Any punter betting on sports, especially those who are trying to predict total match booking points, should pay attention to who the referees are. These officials often have different styles that can influence the game on multiple levels. They interpret the rules differently and they are more or less observant about rules violations.

You can find referee stats online and see just how influential they are by performing a simple regression analysis. You can do all your betting statistics calculations at home and place a bet with just a few clicks of a mouse. Online sportsbooks are especially good for novices because they give you step-by-step guidance through the process of making and placing a bet. How Much History to Consider You can never be sure what data to use when doing research for sports betting.

In general, you make better predictions with more data. But team lineups change over time, as do coaches. Disadvantages of Relying on Statistics Using statistics to predict sports results can be a great idea. Unpredictable factors affect the outcome. Injuries and winning or losing streaks can have an enormous effect on morale. These factors reinforce a plain truth about betting with statistics: No matter how much number-crunching you do, all you can predict is the likely outcome of a match.

The real match will turn out the way it turns out regardless of your prediction. Their willingness to analyse the numbers has earned them a good living. Today, powerful computers, easy-to-use software, and the universal availability of betting stats from sports history make it possible for all of us to perform advanced statistical calculations.

Crunch the numbers, fill out your ticket, and cross your fingers. FAQ How is statistics used in gambling? The theory behind statistical betting is that what has happened in the past is a good guide to what will happen in the future. From regression analysis to Bayesian statistics and Poisson distributions, statistical methods can highlight trends and go a long way toward predicting the future.

Bookmakers use similar tools to set the odds at your local sportsbook or online betting site. Your goal is to analyse more factors or weigh the data differently and make predictions that are more accurate. What are the most important stats in football? A statistics betting strategy starts with identifying the most significant stats — the independent variables that have the most influence over the dependent variable.

Some of the most important stats to consider in football are win-loss records, total shot ratios, and per 90s individual performance. It helps identify the players who generate the most opportunities for their teammates. Another individual player football stat you might want to introduce into your betting model: ball recoveries. How do you analyse a football bet?

There are many ways to analyse a football bet and predict the most likely outcome. You can start with regression analysis, probably taking multiple variables into account. The more variables you analyse and weigh against each other, the more accurate your results will be.

Bayesian analysis and Poisson analysis can help you place the results of your regression studies in context. Oh, and make sure the betting statistics you use are from a reliable source. GamblingCollective We at GamblingCollective take betting seriously, and as fun as it is we understand that it can cause a lot of problems.

So the stats of that is actually not the percentage of the winning chances, but the average of the 2 teams based on their last 5 and 10 matches. You are able to select all the markets you want to see which matches has the highest percentage in average. Find the best and most attractive football stats on our website Explore a huge archive of the most popular football matches on our website. Find a wide range of the biggest leagues such as Champions League, Europa League to small leagues as Ukranian league and Danish league.

We have built a website to give every user a better daily analyzed football stats. The color features and filter is made so you can get a quick and easy overview of daily football matches. And BettingStats has made it simple for users to customize their favorite stats board completely to your needs, so you can find precisely the score you are looking for every time visiting Bettingstats.

What can I use the football stats for? If you are a gambler the football stats will help you to give a quick overview for todays football matches. You can also use the stats if you are crazy about football and want to see all the statistics for each league and compare the teams. Get the best odds for any match With our odds comparison you are always secured the highest odds on the market.

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