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West legal tracker

west legal tracker

While Westlaw has long classified legal issues with the West Key and multiple new HighQ modules as well as Legal Tracker Advanced. Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker. Tracker is the highest rated, most widely used legal matter management, e-billing and analytics system. It offers Serengeti Tracker, a SaaS system for managing legal matters, e-billing, and performance analytics among corporations and law firms. CHIEFS VS STEELERS BETTING PREDICTIONS

It died in committee on February 2, It was referred to Commerce and no action has since been taken. Mike DeWine. Brian Kemp. It died in committee on May 15, The bill passed the Senate, but was not voted on by the House. Beginning in , state legislatures started authorizing a new class of entities collectively known as social enterprises.

These corporate and company forms are designed for businesses that seek to create positive social and environmental impacts in addition to financial returns. The Status Tool on this page visualizes how social enterprise law has spread across the United States. A: Some states allow programs to be submitted for approval after an attorney has attended the program. We list such programs as "Applied for Upon Completion. Be sure to select your state for credit when beginning the program to ensure that we are notified of your completion to trigger the application process.

In these states, there is the assumption by the state regulator that attorneys will evaluate CLE activities offered, based on the guidelines set forth in the applicable rules and regulations, and report their activities to the state as required. West LegalEdcenter does not apply for the course, or report attendance, based on the specific state regulatory structure.

A: For some states, active lawyers will receive credit for courses approved as satisfying the continuing legal education requirements of any other jurisdiction. Upon completion of a "Reciprocal Credit Available" program, attorneys will be provided with a Certificate of Completion for their records.

A: In some states an attorney is allowed to self-apply for credit in place of the sponsor, particularly if that course is approved in other jurisdictions. If a course lists "Self-Apply," WLEC has chosen as the course provider to have the attorneys apply for these programs by submitting the appropriate paperwork to the state board for approval.

A: Program attendance is reported at the actual time of program completion. If approval is received after you have completed the program, it will be applied retroactively to your participation by the MCLE regulators.

In other words, all programs must be viewed and completed by midnight on this date in order for the attorney to receive credit. Reporting Deadline is the date by which attorneys must inform the state which programs they took to fulfill their requirements. Most often, attorneys have months from the end of the compliance period to finish their reporting. Please note that both Compliance Deadline and Reporting Deadline are listed on the state requirements pages for each state. A: Users may participate by submitting a question or submitting comments to a discussion board.

Click the Participation tab, enter your comment or question within the text box and then click the appropriate button to submit. They are not required by any other state. If you are claiming credit in North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Virginia, you must participate at least once during the program.

This feature automatically adds credit information for the West LegalEdcenter programs that you have completed and allows you to add external credits from traditional, in-person CLE programs. To view or download your certificate, click on the scroll icon next to any program. Enter the requested information and click Save. Enter the credits earned and other pertinent details about the program and then click Save. The program is added to your list of completed programs. A: For help finding programs that meet your specific needs, please call West Customer and Technical Support at A: For help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please call West Customer and Technical Support at , or email support thomsonreuters.

A: For help with billing questions, please call West Customer Service at Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from a. Central Time.

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The program you selected is displayed at the Shopping Cart page. Click Continue Searching to find additional programs you want to purchase. When you have finished selecting programs, click Purchase Now in the shopping cart. If you have not registered with West LegalEdcenter or if you have not signed in to the site, you will be prompted to do so.

A credit card, West LegalEdcenter subscription or promotion code is required to purchase a program. How do I search for programs? Touch Search in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Enter keyword s by typing in the box. Jurisdictions set in My Profile are the default Accreditation setting. Multiple terms are treated as 'and' in the search logic. I'm a West LegalEdcenter subscriber. Can I enroll in programs from my device? Search for a program, touch the program title to view the program details, then touch Enroll.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment. I'm not a West LegalEdcenter subscriber. Can I purchase programs from my device? Search for a program, touch the program title to view the program details, then touch Purchase. You will be prompted to enter credit card information. Up to three credit cards can be saved in your account. All credit card data is encrypted and stored by West LegalEdcenter; it is not stored on your device.

Promotion codes can be used to apply discounts. If you are not connected to the Internet, the information will be saved and synced at a later time. After WestLegalEdcenter receives the program information, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your Certificate of Completion. This feature automatically adds credit information for West LegalEdcenter programs you have completed and allows you to add external credits from traditional, in-person CLE programs.

Help Q: Where can I go for more help? Q: What is a Podcast? Reporting and analytics Measure performance, review spend and budget, and benchmark your data against the competitors, to make informed, data-driven decisions. Now with predictive spend.

Legal Tracker Advanced harnesses industry leading AI analytics together with the tailored expertise of consultant backed, patented pricing tools to empower your legal department to lead with data driven insights. Predict future spend with real-time stress testing to identify significant cost saving opportunities. Benchmark firm rates with the most extensive database of pricing and analytics data from our network of over 66, law firms.

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