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This is an ongoing cultural survival and indication of how the shrine is a part of pluralist Nana Esi, Atareso, Interview, September 16, El Atareao's Profile, Revenue and Employees. "My-Weather-Indicator for Ubuntu" on YOUTUBE There are no competitors identified for El Atareao. professional behaviours are the indicators of being good language know that he/she would need more extra support in that area. On the. BEST BOOK ON RENTAL PROPERTY INVESTING

Ethnically, gangsters are mainly white, Asian, black and Eastern European. In the absence of official data, on-the-ground reports suggest that the majority of gangsters dealing in drugs, where the most violent crimes occur, are young black males, particularly Jamaican. This is not only a symptom of how successive British governments have failed young ethnic minorities, it reflects the tragic legacy of colonialism.

The British Empire left Jamaica and its other regional colonies poor and devastated. Caribbeans experienced similar hardships when they and their parents moved to the UK after the Second World War. Inner city violence, including white gangs vs. They hate us and they belittle us because they only believe in their own interests and in the interests of the United States.

Last week, Venezuelan authorities claimed they had uncovered 19 assault weapons, ammunition cartridges and 90 military-grade radio antennas on board a U. The flights ended after McClatchy first reported on them. Venezuela accused the U. While no definitive links between 21 Air and the U. We speak to McClatchy reporter Tim Johnson, who broke the story. Johnson was part of a team that shared a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation of the Panama Papers.

When he charged into the White House he held two views simultaneously, intervene to help other people, without oppressing them. In the early parts of the book Kinzer sets out the anti-imperialist Mark Twain and pro-imperialist visions Henry Cabot Lodge. These speeches are worth gathering round for reflection. During the following hundred years much of what the anti-imperialists predicted has come to pass. Military budgets have soared to heights unimaginable in the days of fervent expansionism in the war with the Philippines.

The armaments industries wield extraordinary clout. The wealth-soaked elites dominate politics. The invasion and overthrowing of distant regimes resides in the hands of a few decision-makers. And militaristic values and rituals saturate American life and expunge peaceful ones. The event was postponed a week due to a storm. They were accompanied by their 29 classroom teachers and about parents and grandparents.

For a week each January, these students study peace, solidarity and friendship values, and how to protect Mother Earth from man-made pollution. A committee of teachers and parents decides where to send the donations, sometimes in Spain and sometimes abroad. The students also make designs for banners and T-shirts. A committee of students and teachers decides what designs are used. The municipal marine sports and water firms donated Euros to manufacture T-shirts that the students and teachers wear.

House Committee on Foreign Affairs, before they were ushered out of the room and arrested. Greg Gianforte, gave an address to the Montana Legislature. Unfortunately, Gianforte appears as unhinged from reality as his fellow mega-millionaire now sitting in the White House.

They have the authority to reinforce mass incarceration and racial disparities in the criminal legal system or combat these injustices. Across the country, voters are beginning to recognize the extent of this power, and they want them to use it for good. Nearly 90 percent of Americans want an elected prosecutor who will prioritize reducing incarceration and racial disparities in the criminal legal system. In recent years, voters in cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas have all elected prosecutors who ran on platforms of reforming the criminal justice system so that fewer people go to jails and prisons.

Now scientists want to know how climate change and drought will affect them in the near future. Half of the carbon being flooded into the atmosphere is being produced by the richest 10 percent of the world. The authors insist we need a rapid, thorough and transformational response, and that to be effective it most come above all in the industrialized nations.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-N. Ed Markey D-Mass. Enbridge Gave Massachusetts Studies by Climate Denier, ALEC Associate in Gas Project Assessment As part of an ongoing health evaluation of a proposed and contested Boston metro area gas compressor station, the energy distribution company Enbridge shared with the State of Massachusetts materials from dubious and controversial sources. As documents obtained by DeSmog reveal, these include studies by a climate change denier and an official associated with the American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC , the Koch brothers-backed group working to undermine environmental regulations.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. There will surely be many more. Because those could be the famous last words of a one-term president, having wildly underestimated the public appetite for transformative action on the triple crises of our time: imminent ecological unraveling, gaping economic inequality including the racial and gender wealth divide , and surging white supremacy. That could either help win him re-election, or land us with a timid Democrat in the White House with neither the courage nor the democratic mandate for this kind of deep change.

Either scenario means blowing the handful of years left to roll out the transformations required to keep temperatures below catastrophic levels. If there is a new administration ready to leap into that role in January , meeting those targets would still be extraordinarily difficult, but it would be technically possible — especially if large cities and states like California and New York escalate their ambitions right now. Losing another four years to a Republican or a corporate Democrat, and starting in is, quite simply, a joke.

So either Trump is right and the Green New Deal is a losing political issue, one he can smear out of existence. That would very likely inspire the rest of the world to finally follow suit on bold climate policy, giving us all a fighting chance.

The hair is clipped military-short. He is a large man, oddly shaped, like a cross between a grizzly and a javelina. He and a fellow activist have just spread an anti-coal banner in front of a growling bulldozer in West Virginia on a cold February morning in The arrest was nothing new for Roselle, who cut his teeth in direct action environmental campaigns decades earlier as a co-founder of Earth First!

Unlike most mainstream environmentalists, you are not likely to see Roselle sporting a suit and lobbying Washington insiders on the intricacies of mining laws—you are more apt to see this self-proclaimed lowbagger one who lives light on the land, works to protect it and has few possessions to show for their hard work engaged in direct, but nonviolent, confrontations with the forces of industrialization, using tactics honed during the Civil Rights Movement of the s and s. And his dissent in West Virginia is more than justified.

The mountaintops of the Appalachia region, from Tennessee up to the heart of West Virginia, are being ravaged by the coal industry—an industry that cares little about the welfare of communities or the land that it is chewing up and spitting out with its grotesque mining operations. The debris from the mining pits, often feet deep, produce toxic waste that is then dumped in nearby valleys, polluting rivers and poisoning local communities downstream.

A Pew Research Center poll found that 95 percent of Democrats and 86 percent of Republicans preferred to maintain or expand Social Security. Fortunately, American voters finally have champions in the growing chorus of Democratic lawmakers calling for expanding Social Security.

Their approach fits seamlessly into the growing calls for higher taxes on the wealthy from congressional leaders and presidential contenders: It pairs benefit increases with commonsense revenue raisers such as lifting the payroll tax cap so that higher earners pay into Social Security all year, just like other workers do.

The Robots Taking the Jobs Industry There is an old saying that the economy is too simple for economists to understand. There is plenty of evidence of this all around. Back in the stock bubble days of the late s, leading economists in both political parties wanted to put Social Security money in the stock market based on assumptions of returns which were at the least incredibly implausible, if not altogether impossible.

The endless scare stories of robots taking all the jobs, or the threat of automation, fit this mode. While this is a recurring theme in major media outlets, it basically makes zero sense. Replacing human labor with technology is a very old story. In fact, this is what allows for sustained improvements in living standards. If we had not seen massive productivity growth in agriculture, then the bulk of the country would still be working on farms, otherwise we would be going hungry.

However, thanks to massive improvement in technology, less than 2 percent of our workforce is now employed in agriculture. And, we can still export large amounts of food. Public schools in Atlanta, Georgia, were thrown into chaos in when 11 former educators were convicted in of racketeering and other charges for allegedly facilitating a massive cheating operation on standardized tests.

Prosecutors said the teachers were forced to modify incorrect answers and students were even allowed to fix their responses during exams. Thirty-four of the 35 educators indicted in the scandal were African-American. We speak with Shani Robinson, one of the 11 convicted teachers, who has written a new book on the cheating scandal with journalist Anna Simonton.

And under the cheer-leadership of the IMF, an overwhelming consensus was formed. The cyclical upswing underway since mid had continued to strengthen, producing in the broadest synchronised global growth upsurge since , and the growth would last as far as the eye could see. Here, what is meant by global growth is the growth of the world gross domestic product GDP or the world income. Early results, however, are not promising.

These proposals are not schemes to soak the rich, nor are they primarily about collecting revenue. Rather, they provide the basis for meaningful tax reform whose twin goals are reducing extreme income and wealth inequality and protecting American democracy from the predations of wealthy plutocrats.

In the 34 years between and , New Deal policies that included progressive income and estate taxation as well as financial reforms that regulated the accumulation of wealth led to rising wages for ordinary workers, a decline in income inequality, and a more equal distribution of wealth.

The recent tax proposals seek to redress this situation by reducing income and wealth inequality, preventing the emergence of an aristocracy of inherited wealth, and defending American democracy against an army of lobbyists and lawyers paid to undermine it. Bernie Sanders I-Vt.

I want to hold you tight. I love you. At the end of that month, we began conducting research on the recent turn of events connected to these protests. For some in the popular sectors, like previous confrontations between Chavismo and the opposition, this latest juncture is evidence that now more than ever one must stand firm against imperialism. For her, they all represent a struggle to roll back the advances made by the revolution, to return power to the hands of the old guard.

This is the sentiment that we have noted while conducting preliminary research in Catia, a poor and working-class sector in west Caracas, on perceptions of the current political situation in the country. The women live in the same neighborhood but have diverse political histories. Two of the women, whom Hanson has known for eight years, were ardent Chavistas until a few years ago. Others had been long-time opposition supporters.

I noticed a lot of soldiers in red berets and a clutch of goons, and it reminded me, vaguely, of the Middle East. Now, sitting in the rain squalls of the wintry Levant, I flick through my newspaper clippings of our recent local autocrats — Saddam, Assad, al-Sisi, Erdogan, Mohammed bin Salman you can fill in the rest for yourself — and I think of Nicolas Maduro.

The comparisons are by no means precise. And there are two obvious parallels: the way in which we sanction and isolate the hated dictator — or love him, as the case may be — and the manner in which we not only name the opposition as the rightful heir to the nation, but demand that democracy be delivered to the people whose torture and struggle for freedom we have suddenly discovered. Instead, they presented voters with FriedChickenGate. The political trope about the candidate awkwardly gobbling down ethnic food is as old as pastrami itself, probably dating back to the penny press ripping John Adams for the way he gnawed on a fried possum.

Launched on social media on January 14, the model emphasizes two particular factors — how a candidate is polling on average versus other announced or potential Democratic candidates and how she or he is polling on average against Donald Trump. The model also allows some wiggle room in a bonus points section. The 10at10 preliminary rankings will be updated each week on Monday on Twitter in this thread and usually also in a column here on Wednesdays. Unlike the Republican debates in which Donald Trump insulted, intimidated and lied his way to the GOP nomination while making up degrading nicknames for his various opponents, I strongly suspect U.

In the meantime we can expect to hear the commander-in-chief continue to employ racist and childish nicknames for the Democratic contenders, most famously, his penchant for calling U. Science and 2. The Facts. So it was no surprise that the test turned out to be a huge public relations disaster for Warren and another win for Trump. Native American groups criticized Warren for the stunt, while the test only served to give Trump more ammunition.

The president last week gave Warren a gift in the form of another racist tweet. People feel trapped. Whatever the chronic dysfunction affecting the West Wing, what mattered for Donald Trump was simply getting his State of the Union address going. And long it was too — 82 minutes, making it the third longest in history. The address saw Trump return to what he is most comfortable with: campaign mode. Governance is less important than combat. When there are troubles, and when there is crisis, he searches for the rally, the reassurances of his formidable and, it would seem, unshakeable base still ignored on either side of the coast.

A state House committee voted for the state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, voting on party lines. The bill now moves to the Democratic-controlled state House and, if approved, is expected to be signed by Demoocratic Gov. Jared Polis. As Common Cause noted on Twitter, the proposal is popular among Colorado voters, with 84 people volunteering to testify before the House committee in favor of joining the compact.

Politics are Authoritarian by Design Recently a correspondent from overseas wrote to ask me how it is that Donald Trump perseveres with his absurd nativist demand — replete with threats of a second government shut-down or a Declaration of National Emergency — for a completed wall to stop a fake and racist brown menace on the southern United States border despite the fact that his demand and his threats are opposed by a solid majority of U. The demand and the threats are still very much on the table in the wake of a State of the Union Address in which Trump made literally not a single mention of the day nativist shutdown he ordered at no small cost to hundreds of thousands of federal workers last December and January.

That when you look around the world, you see every other major country providing health care to all people as a right, except the United States. For Sanders, economic justice and leveling the opportunity and income gap between the rich and poor is what part of what it means to be a democratic socialist. Yet historically the term has meant more that economic justice, it also included democratic control of the economy. To simplify, Marx had argued that the core problem of capitalism was a class exploitation and struggle between the bourgeoisie and proletariat where the latter sells labor power which is extracted as surplus value by the former.

The bourgeoisie own the means of production and over time in their race to maintain profits they increasingly replace human labor power with machines, they drive down wages placing more and more individuals into poverty. This process creates an economic crisis, intensifying class struggle, and eventually creating conditions for a capitalist struggle. As the theory was eventually amended by Engels, it suggested an economic inevitability for the revolution.

With Lenin, the communist party would serve as a vanguard movement to lead the revolution. As further amended by Stalin, this party in practice was highly undemocratic. Starting in the late nineteenth century individuals such as Eduard Bernstein in Evolutionary Socialism argued that the revolutionary tactics and economic inevitability of the revolution were not practical or certain. He and others agreed with much of the basic criticism of Marx but instead tied the future of a classless society to parliamentary democracy.

Specifically, the emphasis was upon linking universal franchise to socialist ideals with the hope that socialism could be brought about by elections. In effect, workers would have democratic control not just of the government but of the economy.

There was serious debate over whether parliamentary socialism was possible, with writers such as Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Kautsky, and Leon Trotsky reaching various conclusions. But the core argument about what constituted democratic socialism centered on democratic control of the marketplace—it was democratic control of capitalism.

It was about ensuring that workers and not capitalists made decisions about what to invest, not letting the choice simply remain in the boardrooms of corporate executives. The New Hampshire primary is still almost a year away, but state legislators are already working to disenfranchise voters. In New Hampshire, students are lawfully permitted to vote in the town where they live while attending school.

For our plaintiffs, this fight is about having a voice in the issues that matter most to them. Caroline, a sophomore, is heavily involved in get-out-the-vote efforts on her campus. But yesterday NBC News reported that the committee as a whole had concluded that there was no evidence of collusion and that Democrats on the panel were in agreement. Former U. You almost never see that. What they would or could have done with that information, we do not know. TASS reported on the proposed increases and circulated a copy of the amendments supported by a group of Duma deputies.

Ukrainians should now breathe more freely, live better and enjoy the rule of law and freedom of speech. And yet today, under the supposedly democratic, post-Euromaidan government, there is much less freedom in Ukraine and much more political violence. Examples abound. And the list goes on and on. For a detailed and well-researched analysis on freedom of speech and opinion in Ukraine, I refer the reader to the recent report presented to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe by the Ukrainian human rights platform Uspishna Varta in September For now you don't need to explore the Internet to find them, if any indicator is missing let us know in the comment below or just drop a line with some info via contact page and we will add it in this list.

Application indicators helps us access bold features of the application or standalone indicator offers various functionality to make user experience better on desktop computer. Since this long list of indicators only available for Ubuntu These indicators can work with most of Linux desktop environments compatible with panel which uses AppIndicator like Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, and others. You may find some indicator doesn't load in specific desktop, I didn't tested in all desktops but let us know if this happens to you.

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