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Forex times nigeria

forex times nigeria

Forex market is a very large and active market that runs 24 hours daily, excluding weekends. That the market is opened 24 hours daily does not mean it is active. What this means is that for five days of the week you can make profitable trades at any time of the day because there is always a forex market open at any given. The best time to trade forex in Nigeria is between PM and PM, Nigerian local time. During this period, the London and the New York. KRAKEN PYTHON API GET BTC PRICE

Around , the trend may pause or even reverse. Avoiding and managing risks is part of smart trading, remember? All in all: The usual best trading time is 8 a. It can be hard to predict market behaviour at the end of the week. Friday is one of those days when the majority of traders suffer losses. Some traders lock in their profits to safely leave for the weekend. Others, on the contrary, jump into the market to make quick money. Prices start going up and down, especially in the afternoon, which can result in substantial losses.

Banks are usually closed on holidays, market activity is low. On holidays, the risk of losing your deposit increases. You might be hoping for a spike in prices after the holidays, but the market likes to make adjustments.

And they are usually not in your favour. News releases. We are going to offer you some obvious advice that no one takes anyway: do not trade the news. At this point, the price movement is often chaotic. So, we recommend exiting the market 1.

Refrain from trading for about the same amount of time after the news is released. Tweet 0 Shares Forex trading is a global decentralized market used for the trading of currencies. Forex trading is operated online and one of its main advantages is the flexibility of trading times or working hours. It is open and accessible 24 hours and 5 days a week. Every day of the week, there is always one country currency market country around the world that is open to business. Forex trading takes place in various countries around the world and as one market is closing for the day another is opening for business.

This is why forex trading is referred to as a 24 hours currency market. It is crucial for a forex trader to know the forex trading hours for the various forex markets so as to determine the best times to trade during the day. Every forex trader will come to realize that some hours and days of the week present better trading opportunities and more profits than others.

This is why it is important to know the best times to trade forex in Nigeria. It is true that the forex market is open 24 hours a day, however, not all trading hours and sessions have equal opportunities. In order to be successful in the forex trading business, you must understand the trading sessions according to Nigeria time, how each session works and the best currencies to trade with at each session. Different countries have their own forex trading times because the international forex market is connected by a network of computers.

When the trading session for one country closes, it does not mean that the entire international forex market has closed. For example, if the Asian market closes, the Japanese yen the Japanese currency can still be traded on other exchanges around the world.

The best forex trading time The best time to enter the market to trade is when the markets of several countries are opened at the same time. That way, large volumes of currencies will be traded. Global Forex Trading time While each country has differing trading times, forex trading in each time zone is traded 8 am to 4 pm. The duty of every forex trader is to then find out when the markets of these different countries overlap so as to get the best forex trading times.

When forex trading times overlap, there is more activity as rates start to fluctuate which holds chances of greater profits. Asides from market overlap, it has been observed by trading experts mid days of the week experience more activity and trading than other days. Middays to include Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Best Forex Trading Time in Nigeria The best time to trade forex in Nigeria is between pm and pm, according to Nigeria local time.

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