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Best soccer betting strategy ever

best soccer betting strategy ever

Betting on the double chance. Matched betting and arbitrage betting are the best football betting systems if you want to win every time. Both of them are covering every outcome on a market. Try to get a feel by placing a few small bets before you start branching out into bigger ones. Don't let your very first bet on a sportsbook be some. T5250 BITCOINS

Discipline You have to remain disciplined for your winning formula that works best for you to work. What does this mean? Patience One of the best soccer betting strategies is to let your bets marinate. You know that if you bet early since more people will start betting on the game as it gets closer to kickoff. Money Management One of the most important aspects of gambling in general, not just soccer betting, is money management.

Money management is critical if you want to make money gambling in soccer and any other sport for that matter. This is why we cannot stress enough how vital money management is if you want to be successful when betting on soccer or any other sport for that matter. This is true, but having some background knowledge does help.

The best strategy and winning formulas work best for beginners, intermediate and advanced bettors. There are many different strategies and formulas that can be used when betting on soccer. Betting on the Draw: This is one of the best strategy or formulas used by many bettors worldwide. This soccer betting strategy works best when the game is a tie, and both teams are attacking to score. Betting on Both Teams to Score: Just like we mentioned above, this best soccer betting strategy or winning formula states that instead of betting on only one team, you should bet on both.

Bet on the Total Goals: This betting strategy or winning formula is very similar to our last one, but instead of predicting whether both teams are going to score, you predict how many goals there will be in total in the game. For example, if you think over three goals scored, you would bet on this.

What you do here is a bet on the team that most people do not favour. Finding Value: This strategy or winning formula goes hand in hand with our last one, and it simply means that you need to find good value bets. To find value best strategy or winning formulas, all the risk you need to place your bets on teams that are not favoured by the majority of bettors. Many best betting strategies and winning formulas can be used when betting on a beautiful game.

Be sure to read our guide if you want to learn more about the best soccer betting strategies and formulas! Football accumulator offers — Football accumulators is a prevalent choice among bettors worldwide. All you have to do here is place a wager on multiple games and hope that all of them are successful, which can lead to winning more significant amounts than what your initial investment was!

Doing so makes it much easier to calculate probabilities without encountering an unexpected monkey wrench. The more variables you introduce, the slimmer your chances of making a profit. As a general rule, you want to hold off until you have as much insight as possible about the likely outcome of the match.

Up-to-the-minute betting provides the most security, if your bookmaker offers it. If not, placing your bet on the day of the event is the safest course of action. Keep an eye out for special price multipliers on game day. If you like the probability of the odds specified, it can be a good way to increase your earnings. Odds are organic, not fixed, and can continue to change throughout a match.

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The profit on your bets is significantly less compared to other football betting strategies, like value betting, but the profit and win are guaranteed every time. OddsJam is the most well-developed tool for matched betting in the USA. Check my OddsJam review for more info. Arbitrage betting: Proven football betting system that works Arbitrage betting is the easiest and most stable betting strategy to make a guaranteed profit on football.

This betting strategy is based on finding odds that are wrong, not representing the real chance of the outcome, and covering the other outcome on sharp, right odds. You can check my in-depth arbitrage betting guide. For example, a football team normally would have an odd of 1. If a bookmaker is messing up the odds and they are offering an odd of 1.

This could seem too little of a profit to you but imagine placing similar bets in a month. You can practice arbitrage betting as your football betting strategy for a side hustle, but with enough learning and gaining experience , you can do it for a living too. For more information, you can read the following article about how to find arbitrage bets or my list of the top sure bet finders. Value betting: Most profitable football betting system Value betting in general is based on the same basic idea and strategy as arbitrage betting.

Our goal as smart bettors is to find markets on football matches where bookmakers are offering the wrong odds. By this, I mean that they are offering odds higher than the real probability of winning. Every time you find betting possibilities like this, you should place bets on them. Football betting strategy: value betting based on PlayThePercentage — more info below This football betting strategy is based on mathematics and real probability.

It is known, that in the long run, the outcomes are very close to the odds offered by sharp bookmakers those who are the best at defining real probability. You may be confused now, but let me explain this with an example. Most of the bookmakers are offering an odds of 1. But there is a bookmaker who is offering an odd of 1. The goal of a value bettor is to take these value betting opportunities at every match possible. Check my value betting guide for more info or my list of the best value betting software or alternatively my RebelBetting review to learn more about one of the best services.

Football betting system based on statistics Bookmakers are generating odds based on their database of historical data and every piece of information available. The amount of information they get can be different between bookmakers. Winning football bets based on statistics is only viable if you prove that your information about the match and players are more accurate.

Bookmakers do not have the resource to react to every new trend and information for every match available. Your advantage in football betting could be in following the matches live; — Taking action when the bookmaker is not as fast as it should be. Example of football betting strategy based on statistics: You can find a lot of databases about football matches in the past You can analyze them, noting for example, how both teams had a lot of corners in the past matches in the first half Open the match when the match is live and follow them in the first half If they have fewer corners at the minute of than you would expect after statistics you should have more attention to the dynamic of the playstyle If one or both of the teams are pushing for a goal and the number of dangerous attacks is high you can wait for at least one more corner I suggest you wait till the odds for the over corner get to at least 1.

Both services get data from tens of thousands of football matches each year. Their way of approach to these statistics is different but the amount of value they can offer for a football betting strategy is amazing. Play ThePercentage for example is capable of processing this data and backtesting your football strategy.

It means if you want to try a new strategy they are capable of testing it based on historical data and odds. You can insert everything about your system and their software will tell you if you would be profitable or not in the long run. Zcode system on the other hand is focusing on analyzing historical data and will display predictions based on them.

One of their most important tool for your football betting strategy can compare upcoming events based on these statistics. It will display every essential data, like the chance of scoring over 2. Each of these predictions is displayed in a percentage format.

You can read more about these services in my following football betting data article. Follow tipsters with a good football betting strategy If you are reading this article, you probably already tried following tipster services. Many people think that finding a tipster on a platform with a long and profitable prediction history is enough to support your football betting strategy.

In most cases, this is not true because of the simple fact that many tipsters can manipulate their betting history. By this, they can change a losing streak into long-term profits by simply changing stakes or deleting some bets. If you truly want to follow successful and trustworthy tipsters, you need to platforms such as Tipstrr. Their filtering system will help you spot the best sites that predict football matches correctly and can support your football betting strategy.

Some of them offer predictions even for free. The one thing I learned is that nobody is going to offer a quality strategy or information for free. You can also check my Tipstrr Review or my article about the best tipster with the top football tipsters included. Matched betting: Simple football betting strategy Matched betting is the simplest football betting strategy. It is based on odds comparison sites and odds differences between bookies.

Even Crypto Bookmakers are offering welcome bonuses , SNR free bets , and boosted odds in order to attract the attention of potential customers or bettors. For more tips and tricks to beat the bookmakers, check out www. Bookmaker odds Bookmakers sometimes offer different odds in the run-up to or during a football game. Price boost example In the price boost below, Skybet is boosting the odds on Arsenal, Everton and West Ham all to win from 3.

The boosted odds are certainly higher than other bookmakers would be offering meaning more value for the punter. A little effort in this regard can go a long way to increase your profit. You can search for the best market odds by manually checking your favourite bookies or you can use an odds comparison website like OddsChecker. This tool is very easy to use and will speed up the process of line shopping no end. Consider using betting exchanges Whilst traditional bookmakers are a great place to start, you may want to consider using betting exchanges later on in your football betting strategy.

As I mentioned earlier, odds can vary quite a lot between different betting websites. They offer punters a different kind of betting model compared to more traditional bookmakers meaning they generally offer odds closer to the true market value. Unlike traditional bookmakers, betting exchanges are not required to build a profit margin into their odds.

A much better business model, you might think. Exchanges accept any kind of bettor Another reason you should consider using betting exchanges in your strategy is that they accept any kind of bettor. Bookmakers are known to gub or restrict accounts that appear to be winning too much. So if you win big on football bets, the bookies may become interested in your account.

Due to the nature of their business model, exchanges make money whether you win or lose. You can achieve this by using Betdaq. Quite a lot when you put it like that! Overall, changing bookmakers regularly allows you to search for the best value in the industry. With so many online bookmakers available in , this process is certainly worthwhile using in your football betting strategy. This will only lead to bad decisions and could mean you lose out in terms of overall profit.

As is usually the way, bringing emotions into the mix could cloud your judgement. Tip 6 — Know football inside out Another one of our top football betting tips is to know the sport inside out. What are their recent results like? Do they get lucky? Injuries and team selections etc. The little details are the most important here. These will help you spot the good bets from the mediocre ones and ultimately allow you to make more money with your football betting strategy.

In my view, going this in-depth only makes the process of betting on football more enjoyable.

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