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Shitcoin ethereum

shitcoin ethereum

Ethereum sees the second-largest volume of coins created, with 5, tokens created in the month of May. Polygon follows this with 4, tokens. While other. ethereum is a world computer not a coin. go back to coinmarketcap please no, ethereum is a shitcoin It's the mark of a shitcoin lol. Shitcoin Price Today US - Check the latest Shitcoin price, SHIT live chart, market cap, Shitcoin Price in USD Ethereum. ETH. $1, +% (1d). CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING PROFIT AND LOSS

Thus, making it less profitable for the creation of new tokens. Play Now! This decline was especially pronounced for the month of May. The numbers show the accelerated rate at which these new tokens were being put into the market. In April, there were , total tokens created across various networks in the space.

While in May, this number had dropped to 68, tokens created, declining across all the different networks. The DeFi explorer also notes an increase in the transaction volume due to investors trying to sell off their coins as the price of ETH dropped and sentiment suffered. Thousands of tokens are created on these networks on a monthly basis. But as expected, there are some networks where this activity is more pronounced than others.

The network sees the most creation taking place. The BSC testnet also follows this trend with 41, tokens created. Additionally, it also boasts a large number of investors and a user base that is more willing to invest in untested assets. Of course not. First a quick refresher on this strategy. So how did my picks do? What was on my original list? There was some serious dogshit in there.

Let's look at the losers before we check out the winners. The Big Losers Where do I even start? Kik got kicked by regulators. Maidsafe shit the bed. Metal got melted. The less said about IOTA the better. The fact that it was backed by notorious crypto huckster, Craig Wright , aka Faketoshi, should have been enough for me to steer clear of it. This is dead. SALT looked like a great bet but it died off.

No pulse. Waves promised to be an Ethereum alternative but it never really got off the ground. PIVX imploded. I admit they were probably never a truly strong contender but my experiences in their community in are still one of the fondest memories of my crypto career. Their Slack community was incredibly vibrant and welcoming and they had a tip bot that sent real PIVX that anyone could use in the Slack. It was a vision of the future to me.

PIVX never really executed on its promise. What else was in the bag? At least I called out weaknesses in coins like Ripple even though I held a little of it. I said I hated their closed source model and passed them up for a bigger position in Stellar. Other coins never really got back to their all time highs.

Litecoin is one of them. It was supposed to be the silver of crypto and it basically performs like silver, an also-ran metal that never quite takes off in any real way. I see Litecoin dying over the long haul, replaced by more valuable and programmable ideas.

Populous was a favorite of my old friend Peter who passed away recently. That said, privacy is shaping up to be one of the biggest wars of the next decade. I still like them and they will stay in the portfolio for the next round. You play probabilities in life and in trading. Anyone who claims certainty is an absolutist thinker, deluded by their own zeal, dangerous to themselves and to your bottom line.

In trading we learn how to be less wrong. You can spot fools by their certitude. Certitude is the death of intelligence and the death of investors. Some of my other warnings proved better predictions. I warned that PAY looked good if they could get their deal with Mastercard and Visa to create crypto backed credit cards but it never happened. That takes us through the losers. The Winners So what did well on my list? Mobilecoin was a surprise.

How you did there all depends on when and where you got into the game. It was a strong earner with a smooth and slow uptick over and into I never got any because by the time it launched I was onto other coins so I completely missed this winner.

I warned that Tezos might never get through its early financial battles and troubles with the government but it made it. The team kept grinding and it managed to release what is still one of the most innovative blockchains in the space, with upgradable protocols, on-chain forks, super secure smart contracts, and more.

The same goes for EOS. If you bought EOS, it really depends where you got in. Why would he do that? They have tremendous momentum, incredible devs and they rapidly incorporate new changes into the system. Ethereum is a must hold for any stack.

Of course, Bitcoin remains the big daddy of them all. If you waited to buy near the bottom you did a lot better and had a true home run. All in all, not a bad run for the Mastering Shitcoins pioneer portfolio. A few good earners and a few home runs and a lot of dogshit on your shoes. Not all losers were created equal but they still lost money.

Some lost big time. Half were good earners and half were big winners. The math worked out. The market has changes significantly in that time. A trader should always look to update their algorithms and heuristics with new insights. The market is a great teacher. The best way to honor her is to listen and that means dedicating yourself to life long learning. Weigh your portfolio more heavily in the bigger coins and keep smaller bets in the smaller coins.

Buy after the crash. The first one is important. Ethereum and Bitcoin are likely here to stay and sticking with the monsters of the asset class makes the most sense. I intuitively ended up weighting most of my purchases into Bitcoin and Ethereum anyway and it makes sense to make that a hard and fast rule. The second rule is more important. If you wait for the market to inevitably crash, you stand a much better chance of knocking it out of the park. Also ignore anyone who tells you it will go up forever.

This time around I am looking to buy blood and tears. I want to buy from all the people who sold at rock bottom prices. I will wait 1 year to 15 months after the market dies off and then flatlines before buying again. Go look at every chart from to the beginning of Notice how you have a massive decline and then a huge flat period. You are looking for the flat period.

Take a look at the Ethereum chart below. Here is a little compounding interest calculator to figure out the differences. Nobody can pick the absolute bottom consistently. Just start buying after the market totally collapses and everyone is running scared. Wait for many months. Wait until the government is not bad mouthing it. The key to trading is to be patient. The hardest lesson in trading is learning to do nothing. Just wait. Before we go any further I want to remind folks never to just blindly follow my list.

Develop your mind. Stop letting other people think for you. Stop giving away your sovereignty to non-you authorities. Remember, this is my strategy and these are my coins. Read my list, consider it, but in the end do your own research and choose your own coins or pick the same ones after you do the research yourself to confirm my thinking.

I am not your financial advisor, or your mommy, or your friendly neighborhood government regulator. Crypto is highly risky, blah, blah, blah, and you could lose everything. So put on your big boy pants and make your own decisions. Take a good, long look at the project. Ask yourself questions: Do they have a good idea? Does it look sustainable? Do they have workable code? How workable? How long have they been around? What does the chart look like? Is their community a bunch of toxic morons?

Almost certainly Does it have some smart folks behind it? Is the technology solving any of the big problems in the space, like scaling or energy use? As Annie Duke writes in Thinking in Bets , nobody can play anything perfectly. Now back to the Coin Market Cap list. I like a lot of the coins in the top twenty but not all of them. I see it getting replaced by more universal utility coins as time goes on. If they're lucky, they become a universal utility coin but I doubt it.

That said, a universal rewards coin will take time, maybe a decade or more. You read that right. The question is whether it remains a home run after the crash and after regulators come knocking on the Binance door much harder. This one is a big, big question for me. FYI, Binance Academy is wonderful shortcut to research these days.

What even needs to be said about them at this point? They go on the list and that should surprise absolutely no one. These two powerhouses must remain the most heavily weighted part of any portfolio. The next coin on the list is Cardano. Cardano has a team that prefers a slow moving , careful and conservative approach.

They try to implement peer reviewed only ideas. This year they gained some spotlight as a potential alternative to Ethereum in the NFT game. Cardano is a long shot but they have some momentum behind them and and they lasted through the last crash so maybe they come out swinging in the next few years.

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