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Kanal betting typ 16-6

kanal betting typ 16-6

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Odds On: Bundesliga - Matchday 11 - Free Football Betting Tips, Picks \u0026 Predictions


Accumulator bets can produce high odds. System bets are ideal for serious or professional sports bettors. Betting Types Breakdown The real beauty of modern online sports betting, is that you have a host of options at your fingertips. Whether it takes the form of specific sports strategies , or different types of bets, you have the power to jump in on virtually any sporting event, market, special or odds that come your way.

To make betting easier, top sports books divide their betting options into various types. These can be based on the type of sport as well as based on what the sports book is prepared to offer. The following guide breaks down the most popular betting types available at our recommended sports betting providers.

We detail the characteristics of each betting type and look at relevant advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the 3 way bet is essentially an expanded version of the 2 way bet. In both types, the bet is applied to events that involve individual players or teams of players.

In the case of the 2-way bet, you have two basic options to choose from, while the 3-way bet gives you three different choices. As is implied in the name, the two-way bet only has two possible outcomes for any event: 1. Team A wins 2. Team B wins This beauty of this simple bet is that it gives you a solid shot at winning your bet as there is no third option to concern yourself with.

The third option relates to a possible draw, which is why you will most often find the 2-way bet in sports such as volley ball and tennis. Both of these sports require an outright winner. In other words, your options now expand to include: 1. Team B wins 3. Both teams tie You will find this betting type most often in sports such as football soccer and handball, where a game can end in a draw. The way in which the three-way bet is most often expressed is as follows: 1 X 2 Since you now have the additional option, the potential win percentage of the 3 way bet is reduced to Single Bets The single bet is the easiest of all sports bet types and is usually the best place for novice bettors to begin from.

As the name suggests, you simply pick a single betting option and go with it. The most common form of a single bet is whether a team or player will win or lose , but single bets can be made in almost any market. A common example would be a bet in the form of a question.

There are many ways of this betting. There is a win-draw-win where you bet on which team will win or if a match will end in a draw. Half Time Result includes the result of a match at half time only. The odds are almost the same as the Full-Time Result wager. The odds are a bit complex here because of two results. You will win the wager if you can get one of them right. So, this a much safer bet but the odds are lower comparing to the other bets.

You will only need to choose which team will be the winner of the match. No need to worry, the wager will be canceled if the match ends with a draw. The odds here are less than win-draw-win but slightly greater than double chance. Correct score betting is quite harder than the previously mentioned wagers because of the chances of winning are slimmer. Here, you need to correctly predict the exact match score at the end of the game. You will need to take a lot of factors into account and choose between the odds carefully.

This wager gives better odds due to its difficulty. You need to predict which player will score the first and last goal in a match. Scorecasts is a mix of both correct score and first Goal Scorer wagers. It is a very complex sort of bet.

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Have I Finally Found a Betting Strategy That Makes Money?

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