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Gap between fireplace doors and brick

gap between fireplace doors and brick

This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that the wall around the opening is brick, and there are fairly large gaps due to the mortar areas. vegasbets.online › why-do-zero-clearance-doors-have-gaps. Prefab fireplace doors are sometimes called “zero clearance” fireplace doors because there is almost no gap between the edge of the fireplace. EDUARDO LOSILLA 1X2 BETTING

Hang a droplight inside the firebox to light your work. Holding the unit in place, reach inside to mark where the bottom brackets meet the floor of the firebox. Use a thick marker, such as a Sharpie, and mark through the grooves in the brackets. Make sure to drill straight down or you may have trouble getting the screw into the hole.

Carefully remove the door from the firebox and set it aside. Be sure to vacuum out the dust in the holes, too. Using a hammer, gently tap a lead anchor into each hole until it's flush with the surface of the surrounding brick. Step 6 Insulate door Photo by Kolin Smith Put on a pair of gloves and unroll the fiberglass insulation that comes with the door.

Tear off pieces to fit into the channels at the two sides and the top of the unit. Stuff the insulation into all three channels. Don't worry about keeping the fiberglass fluffy, as you would with wall insulation—it's mainly there to seal the door and keep smoke from seeping out, and to protect any finish on the door frame from the heat. Step 7 Screw door to firebox floor Photo by Kolin Smith Carefully slide the door into the firebox opening. Check that no insulation is sticking out around the edge of the frame.

Make sure the door is flush to the face of the firebox. Reach inside and twist sheet-metal screws through the bottom brackets and into the lead anchors. Both of these are very big NO-NOs. Only approved, high-efficiency doors can be closed while a fire is burning in a zero clearance fireplace, and the one shown is NOT a high-efficiency fireplace door.

So the doors should not have been closed while the fire was burning because the heat exceeded the thermal shock limits of the tempered glass, causing it to shatter. Sealing all the gaps in the doors probably accelerated this situation since there wasn't even any way for cooler air to circulate into the firebox when the doors were closed.

There should not only be gaps around the frame but also between the glass panels. The main purpose of fireplace doors is to reduce the loss of heat in your home when there is NO FIRE, blocking cold drafts and the warm air escaping from the chimney. Another red flag in this image is the firewood being burned in this GAS fireplace. There are prefabricated fireboxes are made to burn wood, but this isn't one.

The obvious clue to this gas-fueled fireplace is the gas valve key laying on the hearth so it's very likely a log lighter was installed. However, ONLY gas logs, the ones made of ceramic and cement material, should be burned in a prefab fireplace. Wood burning, masonry fireplaces can be converted over to gas, but the opposite is not recommended.

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