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Eur/usd forex factory

eur/usd forex factory

EUR/USD% ; GBP/USD% ; USD/JPY+% ; Crude Oil WTI%. EURUSD is consolidating its gains and looking for direction. It might break above the weekly pivot and move some pips above towards the 4H. New post in Signal Factory: “Currently, we project EUR/USD exchange rates of by year-end, based on our house view that there will be Fed rate cuts next. NEXT EVERTON MANAGER BETTING PADDY POWER

So only the important news will be shown on the right-hand side of the page. That, my friend, is how to read Forex Factory news and how to use it to your advantage! Knowing this fact, you can then use the sentiment indicator as a contrarian approach.

This means as a contrarian, you want to go against the herd. It can remain at an irrational level longer than your account can remain solvent. No downloads, login, or subscription required. Do you know what else I like about it? An example: This is useful for traders who are wondering what time does the London or New York session opens, and whether there are daylight savings or not.

With this tool, you never need to second guess yourself again — plus it is synchronized with your local time. You never know if the broker is on the opposite side of your trades, whether they are financially strong, or would simply vanish after taking your money. Well, the good news is… Forex Factory can help you filter down a list of brokers that you might consider trading with. They provide a list of brokers you can compare with side by side, so you can identify the ones that meet your needs.

An example: Now, there are many things you can compare across brokers. Their real-time spread, markets available, minimum deposit, platforms available, languages, regulatory bodies, headquarters, and etc. And I know it can be overwhelming to look at so many things when selecting a broker. What is their real-time spread like during normal hours and major news release?

How many markets can you trade? Is it easy to deposit and withdraw your money? Is their customer support responsive? So do your own due diligence and find out which brokers suits you best. Without one, you might as go gambling in a casino and it still provides free booze and babes.

While understanding monetary policy is difficult, even for veteran economists, the way to interpret this news is rather easy. If you see a forecast that says the Federal Reserve will likely increase the overnight rate, it will likely have a bullish effect on the U. Nonfarm Payrolls NFP Data The nonfarm payrolls figure measures the number of additional jobs added from the previous month in the corporate sector in America, which is an important leading indicator of the overall employment situation in the country.

Dollar is the de facto reserve currency in the world and the nonfarm payrolls data is usually released on the first Friday of each month by the U. While there is not an equivalent data release in every economy, you should definitely keep an eye on the U. NFP as it will eventually have major impacts on almost all currency pairs involving the U. If you see the forecast of the NFP is higher compared to last month, it is bullish news for the U.

There is a strong correlation between the currency market and oil price because of how resources are distributed. Hence, it can affect the balance of trade BOT of a currency, and influence market psychology. You see, Crude oil is quoted in U. Hence, any national currency of a country that has a large crude oil reserve will be impacted by the crude oil price. Furthermore, low energy price means more disposable income will be left to consumers and it can create demand for goods and services, boosting sales.

But it may not have a significant impact on the Japanese Yen because Japan does not have large oil reserves. While it is difficult to analyze what would be the impact of oil price on a given currency, knowing and understanding the impact by reading detailed analysis can help you sense the pulse of the market and make better trading decisions.

When consumers feel safe and secure about their jobs, they tend to spend more on durable and non-durable goods, which boosts transactions and creates value. In terms, retail sales can be a pretty good indicator of future the GDP growth rate. How retail sales are influencing it can give you an edge in the market because you can predict GDP growth well before the quarterly reports!

However, analyzing retail sales is somewhat tricky because it is also dependent on wage growth and overall productivity level in the economy. Therefore, before analyzing retail sales data, you have to keep in mind that while increasing sales can lead to inflation, it can also indicate overconfidence in the economy. After all, if productivity and wages are not growing, but only retail sales go up, it can also indicate that people are buying things to stock necessary items because they expect a slowdown in the economy!

In the end, the rule of thumb is, if retail sales go up of one country and it is the base currency of the pair, but it remains stagnant in another which is the quote currency, it will be a piece of bullish news for the base currency. The survey asks managers to rate what is their perspective about the business over a 6-month period if they plan to hire new workers or reduce the size of the workforce, and things like the inventory level to fill new orders.

The way to interpret the PMI is keeping an eye on if the number is above or below If it is below 50, it indicates there might be a recession coming and if it is over 50, then the economy is expected to expand. During the normal growth period, the PMI usually hovers near 55 to 60, but the trick is to see if there is a trend. If you see PMI consecutively going up over the last few months, consider it to be bullish news for the associated currency.

Eur/usd forex factory ethereum mist wallet tutorial eur/usd forex factory

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