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Gci financial forex review

gci financial forex review

GCI Financial is not a secure Forex broker since it does not hold a license from any worldwide serious Forex authority. Meaning the broker is. Nowadays, there is more than 10 thousand traders work with “GCI”. The broker offers them innovative, trusted and easy-to-use system for online trading. Apart from the forex demo account, this broker offers ActTrader and MT4. To successfully navigate your trading account, you also need to consider about leverage. BEST ODDS FOR BETTING

GCI Financial just stopped to talk to traders that lost money there and also did not get back to Forexpeacearmy any more. This is very sad and already proves that something is wrong there. The worst complaint is that there are adjustments in your account after closing profitable positions. Some traders lost thousands of dollars due to these adjustments are not happy about it to say the least.

We can say in advance that there are not many positive comments to be found… I made some big losses because the positions were not executed in time or were closed when I did not want them to close. Calling GCI Financial not reliable is way too nice. This broker is a total scam and they will take your money step by step.

Stay away from GCI Financial. Whatever this means. Trusted broker. Oliver, Germany. Whenever there has been an issue with MT4 software or other they have been very helpful and always respond immediately to any contact request. Great communiciation and great broker.

Victoria, Russia. If i have any additional questions, gci team is always willing to help and give the answers. Lakshmi, Malta. Rich charting package, speedy trades' execution, outstanding customer care, quick payments procedures and professional way of overcoming any challenges are strong criteria which keep me very satisfied with GCI for a decade.

I'm giving my utmost highest recommendations for everybody who is looking for a top broker offering superb trading environment. My first surprise is to realize that most brokers have negative reviews. It seems that only people who complain are coming around.

Other happy clients are trading and learning from their experiences. Second surprise comes from reading between the lines, where it appears that one or two people stand behind entire campaign here. I mean, simple logical reasoning brings an obvious conclusion that GCI would have been out of business long time ago, had many clients faced such adverse conditions as listed here!

I have myself recommended many clients to GCI and besides minor issues, never heard any similar feedback compared to content herein. So I advise objective reading of all comments. E T, Canada. Service is excellent. My account manager is fantastic and very fast and responsive.

Great company! Some of their swap rates are higher on live accounts than demo account. But I have made money and withdrawals are always good. I would recommend this broker to anyone. Silviu Codreanu, Romania. Trading account 7XXX3 Friday, June 27, In addition to my review, here it is their answer to my letter: -- do not edit -- Silviu Codreanu, A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, with the following response: Dear Sir, the email address you are using is an email address for technical issues related to connection problem, computer, installation, resolution of IT issues , this means it is related to technical issues.

Your problem is a business problem that IT guys are not able to deal with. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, please reply to this email. The reference sites Market Watch, Investing. I can proof that with printscreen and History of the quotations.

It was a mistake? It was a fraud? I think it was either one or another. I will send that letter to as much possible addressees. Ion, Romania.

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