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Gann forex charts

gann forex charts

A Gann fan consists of a series of lines called Gann angles. These angles are superimposed over a price chart to show potential support and resistance. In a quarterly time frame, when a particular stock crosses the high or low of the last quarter (in the quarterly chart) it's should be. Gann Swing Charts · Identify the turning points on the price chart. A series of Up Days followed by a Down Day marks the end of the uptrend and. VIG SPORTS BETTING

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Using Gann Fans To Predict Future Prices gann forex charts

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The black lines on the image illustrate the moments when trades should be opened per our rules. The red lines are the locations of the stop loss orders for each trade. The green circles show the moments when profits should be taken on the trade. Our Gann analysis leads to three trades on this chart.

The candle which closes above the breakout candle creates a buy signal on the chart. The stop loss should be placed near the bottom that was created prior the breakout. A short trade should be opened when a candle breaks the support area created prior to the bounce. The stop loss should be located above the top created just before the downward bounce. This trade should be held until the price breaks the same diagonal line in the bullish direction.

Notice, the take profit signal comes approximately around the same level as the initial sell signal, which makes this trade a scratch. The stop loss in this trade should be placed below the bottom created prior the breakout. The trade should be held until the price action reaches the next resistance line. We will consider how you should open trades, put stop loss orders, and take profits when trading with the Gann grid. The first one is to look for breakouts thru the grid levels, and the second one is to spot bounces from the grid levels.

If a breakout appears in the Grid, then you should open a trade in the direction of the breakout. Again, do not enter trades right after the first candle, which creates the breakout. Make sure you wait for a second confirmation candle, which extends beyond the breakout candle.

Gann Grid Bounces — When a bounce from a Gann Grid level appears on the chart, you can trade in the direction of the bounce. But as we just mentioned, make sure that you confirm the bounce with an additional candle. This way you will be protected from any surprises against your trade. The image starts with two tops, which are directed downwards.

These two tops are marked with the blue thick line and they are used as a base for the Gann Grid indicator. The picture illustrates four trades based on signals from the Gann Grid indicator. The black horizontal lines on the image show the moments when trades should be opened. The red horizontal lines on the chart are the suggested places for stop loss orders. The green circles point out the moments when profits should be collected based on our target rule. The first trade is short and it comes after the price breaks a grid line downwards.

The stop loss order should be located above the immediate top prior the breakout. The trade should be held until the price reaches the lower support grid line. The next trade, which is opened when the price breaks the take profit grid line of the previous trade. In this case, the price comes close to hitting the stop loss, but the bearish move is resumed and eventually reaches its target.

Then the price reverses and breaks a grid level upwards. This is a buy signal on the Gann chart. The trade should be held until the price reaches the next parallel resistance on the grid. When this happens, the price bounces downwards, creating a new short opportunity. This is a new reversal and we use the top of the reversal for our stop loss order. The trade is held until the price breaks the same level it has bounced from. The chart above is an example of how you can predict future market turning points.

The dates calculated from the closing price conversion as of June 10, , into time represent the eight vertical lines shown in the first chart. Only one question remains: is As you can see in the example above, when you use geometry based on the Square of Nine and simple mathematics, you can get quite a high efficiency as a trader.

Please note that our trading period is less than two months!!! I would like to add that there are no contraindications to filter the previously calculated dates and get an even higher rate of return. In Figure 3 above, it is clear that the Sun is just finishing its journey in the sign of Libra on October 21st, and on October 22nd it enters the sign of Scorpio.

On October 27, , my calculations based on the Square of Nine marked a local turning point. The market that day made a one-day correction after three days of decline. As shown in Figure 4 above, a double ingress takes place on October Venus enters Libra, as does Mercury which retrogrades from Scorpio back to Libra. Therefore, at the close of the daily candle on October 27, the further decline should be expected.

The next date calculated, November 3, , is one of the key days of the year. In fact, we have eight such days each year. WD Gann believed that the Square of Nine divides a full year harmoniously. The places indicated at the end of the cross and diagonals of the Square of Nine are important turning points.

These dates result from dividing the year into eight equal parts. WD Gann always starts the year on March Look at these harmonic dates in Figure 5 below. In my direct calculations from the table in Figure 2, the date of November 9, , appeared. Is this really the right date to change the direction of the market? The world has never been perfect.

The same is the case with simple calculations. November 9th is definitely not a good day to enter the market. The next day an opposition between Mars and Venus will take place.

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WD Gann -- Squaring The Time On Intraday H1 Chart -- Very Precise And Accurate !!!

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