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Best app tracking cryptocurrency

best app tracking cryptocurrency

Welcome to Coin Stats, the #1 cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Stay informed on the latest live crypto prices in real-time, view essential market data. 10 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps in ; CoinTracker. CoinTracker ; CoinStats. CoinStats ; The Crypto App. The Crypto App ; CoinGecko. CoinGecko. CryptoTrader. App. BITCOIN CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Thank you very much! Developer Response , Thank you for the 5-star review! Apparently, after updates, we shld log out and log back in, and that will fix all of these issues. If u hv the same or similar problems, keep this in mind. My own fault. I used it on my computer and on my Apple phone. About 2 weeks ago, it began having issues. I hv to log in 3 times in a row to get it to give them to me. I tried deleting the app and reloading it. It did the same thing to me. If you can fix all of this, it wld be perfect again.

While there are a few additions to this new update that were good keeping track of price per coin and transaction fees , the app now glitches more than ever. Totals, coin prices, and charts will not refresh half the time. Also, the app freezes up when trying to enter additions and subtractions to my positions. I find myself having to force quit the app many times just to enter staking interest for a few coins.

Also, in the portfolio section, we use to have the ability to pull up charts for individual coins, but now we have to go to another section to do that. It just randomly appears sometimes. Also, the profiles for individual coins really need to be updated. This app needs more stability and a comprehensive update to the content of the coin profiles. This portfolio tracker app allows ICO and token launching teams to create notifications to app users of upcoming token and ICO launches.

Delta Pro package is needed for unlimited exchange connections You can connect your portfolio with your go-to exchanges and Crypto and wallets Delta comes with pre-personalized notifications based on your app behaviour. Huge library of crypto coins Get analysis on your trade history and assets.

Key Specs: Price: Free and paid version. You can use APIs with this crypto portfolio track app for value tracking and then trade any crypto supported and connected irrespective of the exchange or wallet they are using. It also avails users of customizable charting and price prediction tools.

Features: It is a crypto monitoring app that helps you create Your Trading Dashboard One trading ticket for every exchange Manage your holdings across exchanges with a single login to Crypto watch. The desktop app functionality is somewhat limited. You can track price correlations between two or more cryptos.

Exchange API support is not extensive. Allows users to interact with each other. Here are some important things to consider when choosing your crypto portfolio tracker. Step 1 User friendliness It should be user friendly and easy to access. Step 2 Able to track wide range of currencies You need to ensure that portfolio tracker software should be capable of tracking a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Step 3 Unique features Look for a unique selling proposition. For that, you should research what makes your selected portfolio tracker set apart from another tool. Step 4 Cost effectiveness Look for a service that offers value for your money. It should offer the best ROI for your investment.

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The app is entirely free to use, so you don't have to worry about upfront costs or monthly subscriptions. CoinMarketCap 3 Images Close CoinMarketCap is another popular crypto stats website that also comes in the form of a mobile app, making it convenient for you to check in on critical crypto stats whether you're at home or on the go. The CoinMarketCap app offers a range of valuable features, including your standard coin statistics, the top gainers and losers in the market, and a handy price converter that allows you to check how much a coin is currently worth in your chosen fiat or non-fiat currency.

Additionally, the CoinMarketCap app offers price alerts so that you get notifications when your desired crypto reaches a specific price point. On top of this, you can compare the price, history, market cap, and volume of two of your chosen coins to see which comes out on top. However, the FTX app, formerly known as Blockfolio, has been a long-standing favorite for those interested or invested in crypto.

And, considering the features it offers, it's really no surprise that it's so popular. Related: The Best Crypto Trading Apps on Android Using the FTX app, you can check all the key stats for over ten thousand different crypto coins, from market newbies to industry giants. Additionally, you can add your favorite coins to a watchlist and document your previous transactions, allowing you to keep track of your buying and selling history.

Though this isn't mandatory, you can create your own portfolio if you create an account with the FTX app, through which you can connect your chosen exchanges and add your desired crypto coins. If you like to compartmentalize, you can create more than one portfolio to separate certain coins and exchanges. Whether you want to check the recent price changes of your favorite crypto coins or stay updated on the top gainers and losers in the market right now, CoinCodex has you covered.

What's more, CoinCodex offers a comprehensive market overview for both Bitcoin and crypto as a whole. You can also opt for price alerts to know when your chosen coins have hit a specific value or make use of the app's converter, which allows you to find out how much a crypto is worth in any fiat or non-fiat currency. CoinCodex also lets users trade crypto via Binance, one of the world's leading exchanges.

Simply click the "Trade Now" button on the home screen, and CoinCodex will take you to the Binance log-in page via your web browser. Coin Stats 3 Images Close The Coin Stats app is a straightforward and reliable resource for staying informed on the latest crypto market changes. With Coin Stats, you can scroll through the industry's top coins, check out hour reports for your chosen cryptos, and take a look at the market's top gainers and losers.

Related: The Best Apps for Making Payments With Crypto If you're looking to find a new exchange or want to see which exchange is doing well right now, Coin Stats also allows you to check out its league table of the world's top exchanges, as well as their hour growth and trading volume. If desired, you can also create your own portfolio, through which you can then connect your exchange accounts or wallets directly to the app.

This is great for those who want to access all their crypto assets and accounts through just one app. Easily control your verification page settings during setup Offers support for limited crypto exchanges It helps you to track all your spot assets from multiple exchanges in one place. Does not offer any mobile apps. You can deep dive to uncover successful trading patterns It helps you to observe your investments in real time with PNL reports.

It is one of the best crypto tracking apps that offers features for risk analysis and advanced charting options, and you will also get the option to add notes. Features: Real-time price data It is one of the best crypto portfolio tracking apps that help your data to remain safe and secure. This Crypto monitoring app Keep track of your profits, losses, and portfolio valuation. Your data remain safe and secure.

This portfolio tracker app provides extra data for each coin. You can create watch lists, set price notifications, and learn about Crypto itself. It helps you compare their price, volumes, and market caps. Best for Regular day traders.

Price: Contact customer care. Mobile App: iOS and Android. This portfolio tracker app allows ICO and token launching teams to create notifications to app users of upcoming token and ICO launches. Delta Pro package is needed for unlimited exchange connections You can connect your portfolio with your go-to exchanges and Crypto and wallets Delta comes with pre-personalized notifications based on your app behaviour.

Huge library of crypto coins Get analysis on your trade history and assets. Key Specs: Price: Free and paid version. You can use APIs with this crypto portfolio track app for value tracking and then trade any crypto supported and connected irrespective of the exchange or wallet they are using.

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These Crypto Apps Will Save You!

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Here is a video that shows how you can connect your Binance account with CoinStats for tracking your crypto portfolio automatically: For CoinSutra users, we have a special offer where you can get 3 months of CoinStats pro for free. Get 3 Month Pro access of CoinStats 2. Not a lot of people know that CoinMarketCap also offers a crypto portfolio tracking feature.

As a free and simple crypto portfolio tracker, CoinMarketCap portfolio tracker is pretty decent. See the screenshots below to see what you would be seeing: If you have been using an Excel or Google doc to manage your portfolio, you may find this more intuitive and handy. CoinMarketCap mobile app has more functionalities. For example, you can see the total portfolio composition, and see each coin holding in percentage basis. Overall as a free crypto portfolio tracker, Coinmarketcap is pretty ideal.

It supports tax reporting for over countries and uses 12 tax methods. Pricing CoinTracking offers a free-to-use plan for basic features. It allows you to track up to trades. It allows users to easily import crypto transactions, calculate gains and income, and prepare tax returns. ZenLedger helps crypto traders or investors to stay compliant and aggregate transaction integration into one simple dashboard. This is done across thousands of wallets, exchanges, and tokens. The main aim of the ZenLedger tracker is to supply crypto taxes.

This crypto portfolio tracking app has free and paid plans. The free-to-use ZenLedger trackers allow you to analyze your portfolio performance. It also allows you to view your crypto coins and their exchange allocation insights. But only for expensive plans Tax calculation. But unfortunately, localized tax forms are only available in the United States Pricing ZenLedger pricing ZenLedger has a free plan which allows up to 25 transactions.

With this plan, you cannot access its DeFi, margin trading, or staking. It helps you to keep an accurate track of your crypto portfolio market value, the performance of your investments, and taxes in one place. Once connected, CoinTracker starts tracking your deposits, withdrawal, trade, and other transactions. You can also view your wallet balances, trading details, and the value of investments and changes within your account.

CoinTracker calculates your capital gains and losses and makes reporting and tracking easy with a single click. It has a simple-to-use and intuitive user interface. In every other country, it is partially supported Easy-to-use, modern, and intuitive interface Syncing your crypto trades and investments. It gives you a clear overview of how much your crypto portfolio is worth. Kubera allows users to track net worth and investment returns for all major investment classes.

You can track crypto coins, global currencies, stocks , precious metals, and even assets like cars, houses, URL value, and private equity. Kubera portfolio management app assesses all these to monitor and track your assets. You can create as many crypto or financial portfolios as you want Global financial integration. It was acquired by eToro in November Delta and eToro worked together to create a next-generation Delta app to include not only crypto tracking but stocks and other financial assets too.

Delta is an iOS and Android app that allows you to effortlessly track your portfolio value, profit, loss and learn about your current positions in your local currency. With Delta, you can track percentage changes in your portfolio and get notifications on your smartphone when a significant crypto change happens. Delta is designed for crypto traders who love investing in several digital assets.

It allows you to monitor the performance of all your cryptocurrencies and investments, such as stocks from Google to ETFs, Apple, futures, forex, etc. Free accounts connect up to two wallets and two exchange accounts. It also gives access to advanced metrics and analysis.

It allows you to track and manage your DeFi portfolio. Zerion is designed with simplicity, user-friendliness, and clarity in mind. You can see the value of your crypto portfolio on the dashboard at a glance. Free to download and free to use. They only take 0. Recently, it was acquired by FTX and renamed, and has since significantly extended its functionality. In addition to tracking your crypto portfolio, BlockFolio FTX provides the latest news on crypto, the latest prices, market data, and direct updates.

The BlockFolio FTX signal is a communication platform built into the app and designed to make communication within token communities easy. Key Features of BlockFolio FTX Blockfolio FTX key features screenshot Here are the key features of BlockFolio FTX : Syncing trade from over exchanges The latest news in the crypto market, the exchange price, and the market analysis Candlestick charts and order book information for each crypto in real-time Providing the value of your cryptocurrency in over different fiat currencies.

It is free to download and use. The Bottom Line We have reviewed the eleven best crypto portfolio trackers in to help you choose a tracker that can take your cryptocurrency investment to the next level. Take advantage of these all-in-one trackers to track your crypto investments, transactions, trades, and crypto values with ease. This post will regularly be updated in accordance with the ever-evolving crypto world, so remember to check it regularly to get updated with the latest information and discover more.

The solution came with the recent development and widespread use of crypto trackers.

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