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Non sport betting

non sport betting

Are you looking for a break from betting on sports? Novelty bets are a good alternative. Novelty betting includes a variety of non-sports topics. Even before the internet came along to revolutionise the world of betting we have, for many years, been able to bet on non-sports or novelty markets. Diversify your portfolio with Uplatform. Offer bets on the most exciting events from the non-sports world like weather, politics, Award Ceremonies. BOOKS ON INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS

As we know the more competition the better the value for the punter. For something like the result of a UK or US election or the winner of an Oscar you will be able to shop around and find the best price. Remember to look for offers, most novelty promotions are aimed at outright betting lines. If your betting on the outcome of a TV show for example make sure you visit Betfred in particular who are famous for money back deals. Many TV competitions for example are knock out format.

Think of Bake Off, Love Island or Big Brother, and this means many bookies will give a number of places on outright winners. The each way price is relative to the win price and so these bets also offer decent value. Remember to check the number of places given and the odds of a place when looking for the best bets.

Novelty and Special Sports Bets Most alternative sports bets that don't fall into traditional categories and can vary hugely. Some common examples include betting on sports related awards such as BBC sports personality, the winner of the Ballon d'Or, etc. Depending on the bookie you will also find various other sports related markets. For example, Paddy Power seem to have an obsession with David Beckham and will give you odds on everything from the name of his first grand child to the next person to sponsor him.

Other sports specials include things like who will host the next major tournaments, who will be the next club to move to a new stadium, who will win the WWE royal rumble, etc. Be careful with these wagers if they are not widely offered then the value can often be quite low. TV Specials Most betting on television shows is based around knockout competitions such as cooking shows, I'm A Celebrity etc. Whilst most lines focus around the outright winner there are an almost infinite number of possible markets, from the gender of the winner, winning coach or judge, highest points, lowest points, next eviction, you name it.

It is also common to bet on things like who will be the next host of popular chat shows or how long a anchor will last in the role. Again be careful with the odds offered for some of the more convoluted lines. Many markets will also close in advance for pre-recorded TV shows as there is a risk the identity of the winner could leak out so make sure you get your wagers on in time.

Politics Betting on politics is only second to TV show betting. Depending on the betting site you can bet on the outcome of every major election in the world. If your looking for a worldwide focus check out a bookie like Betway that have a more international focus. Paddy Power of course give expansive markets on Irish elections too. Most markets are for the outright winners with ante-post prices but closer to the event you bet on all sorts of things, such as: number of seats won, number of female ministers or cabinet ministers , next party leader, individual constituency betting, date of next election, overall majority, referendums, first minister to resign, number of votes a candidate will win by, percentage turnout at an election, and so on.

These markets can swell to a huge size just before an election and are popular when live betting. Music Punt on anything from the winner of the Eurovision song contest to the Grammys album, song or record of the year. Bet on who will headline at Glastonbury or Reading, what the next world cup theme song will be, the singer of the next James Bond song, NME awards and more.

Often bookies especially Paddy Power will have specials that focus around a single group or artist. For example One Direction specials seem to be very popular with lines on the names of the band members future children and even if they will have other band members as god parents. Most bookies cover these and so these lines are generally competitive.

Not all bookies will cover these in the same depth however so if you want to bet on 'best make up artist' for example you may need to shop around. Markets can be found on who will play a certain character in a certain film, who the next James Bond will be and much more. Current Affairs This is the category where you can bet on things like who will be the next pope or archbishop, next Nobel peace prize winner, when Julian Assange will escape from the Ecuadorian embassy, etc. Current affairs is the most popular category for punters proposing their own bets to betting sites.

If you want to wager on an event and you can't see the market anywhere else then contact the bookmaker and ask them for odds. This is actually how many bookies get their ideas for markets to publish to other customers. Don't expect amazing value on these bets though. Weather Very popular in the UK especially where we are all obsessed with the weather. This line tends to see its highest popularity around Christmas with typical markets on whether it will snow on Christmas Day or New Years Eve.

It is also a popular market during the height of summer, such as 'will the UK temperature record be broken'. Depending on the time of year there are either loads of these bet types or none at all. For example it is possible to stake on things like the cost of damage caused by a hurricane. Lottery Specials Lottery betting has more lines than you might first imagine. Many of these lines have two outcomes and so you can easily see from the odds price how much value you are getting.

My guess would be not a huge amount. Other Novelty Bets How long is a piece of string. I promise you if you propose a wager there is a bookie out there that either has a market for it or will at least give you odds personally. Other markets to bet on include the winners of pageants such as Miss World or Miss Universe, royal specials with lines on who will be the next monarch, royal baby specials and more.

Lately I have seen markets on who will have the most twitter followers by the end of the year Accumulator and Full Cover Novelty Bets There is no reason why you can't place multiple bets on novelty lines, especially if these are outright singles. It should be possible for you to combine an alternative market with any other bet.

If you want to bet on the winner of X-factor and Liverpool to beat Arsenal in a double then go for it. On the same token it should be no problem to place a full cover bet such as a lucky 15 or a Yankee with these selections. Be careful of one thing if doing accumulator bets like this. You can make bet by using our trusted partners services: Started in , X factor has become one of the most popular music competitions on television. This British program was the brainchild of Simon Cowell, who came up with the idea back in Featuring aspiring singers brought in from public auditions, the X factor has been able to catch the pulse of the viewers quite instantly.

It has also been on the lips of punters with X factor betting options. Our partners: Spinslot is a reliable gaming platform that constantly upgrades its offered games to get better results and to bring players the highest quality slots free bonus no deposit to work with.

One would think that betting existed only for sports, but the presence of huge betting odds for X factor and the likes of big brother have shown the existence of this market. However, this is a non-televised event and aspirants perform in front of judges to determine their progression to the next round.

This will form the basis for separating the poor X factor odds from the best. The contestants are split according to age and sex. The fourth stage is where the live show choices are made by the judges. The final stage is where the contestants get to perform in front of a studio audience and a lineup of judges that includes Cowell.

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A World of Things to Wager On The first thing you need to know about non-sports prop betting is that if it exists, you can probably wager on it somewhere! There are plenty of non-sports wagering options available today, ranging from political topics to natural disasters, election results, and so much more.

Some popular examples over the years have been how long OJ Simpson would spend in Jail, whether or not Trump would be elected, and the value of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. Of course, there are less controversial options available too. It all depends on what you find entertaining and what you would like to place your money on.

Wrestling, singing contests, box office releases, business, mobile casino Malaysia launches, world politics, weddings and divorces and births — they can all be bet on with the right bookie! Entertainment and Financials One of the most popular forms of novelty prop bets are based on entertainment and celebrity news. Some of the more exotic markets available include certain outcomes on TV shows, contests, entertainment rallies and more.

You can also bet on financials if you are looking for non-sports wagering opportunities. Europeans in particular are very into financial betting, which can be on anything from currency exchange rates and values of silver, gold and Nymex to FTSE prices, major company share prices, and more. The average punter might find these markets challenging to understand, but if you have the right knowledge or work in the industry, you could enjoy some great returns on these sorts of bets.

Natural Phenomena and Politics Natural phenomena are also common wagering topics. Punters in the UK often wager on whether they will enjoy a snowy Christmas in any given year, while folks in other parts of the world have been known to bet on the dates and severity of natural disasters in their areas. There are literally no limits to what can be offered for bet in the non-sports related events. And this means that the betting industry is enlarging its customer base, targeting more and more people who may be into betting but not into sports.

However, just as there are certain issues in sports betting that all new punters should take into consideration before placing their bets, there are a number of things that those who bet on entertainment or other events need to ensure as well. You shop around for best prices It is absolutely certain that different online bookies will not offer the exact same odds for an event.

If you are interested in placing a bet, it is important that you go around different betting sites to find the best odds and the prices that suit you the most. There is no use in betting just for the sake of betting — all the fun, excitement and pleasure is in finding the best odds and adding value to your wager.

This means that you may have to maintain multiple accounts in different bookmakers, but then again why not? After all, who said that betting is not complicated or demanding?

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