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Forex documentary bbc podcast

forex documentary bbc podcast

A new BBC Three documentary delves into Gurvin's alleged dodgy dealings, Joanna Bailey, a lawyer who specialises in forex-related fraud. The former Plymouth student at the centre of a BBC investigation into Mr Singh told the podcast that by the time he was 19 he was Forex. Bbc radio 4 Did Radio 2 really need to give us four days of the Beatles to celebrate Abbey Road? Foreign exchange | 28 March ELECTRUM LEDGER NANO ETHEREUM SETUP

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Forex documentary bbc podcast secret investing calender


Tune in to find out how the lingerie retailer rose to the top of women's fashion and how its fall from grace has created an uncertain future for the company. Available on: Apple , Spotify , iHeart , Audible 5. The Missing Cryptoqueen The podcast is about the notorious cryptocurrency scammer Dr. Ruja Ignatova. Back in , this mysterious but brilliant businesswoman turned out of nowhere and persuaded millions to join her financial revolution, saying that she got the world's next Bitcoin, the next great cryptocurrency that's going to explode in value and make everyone rich.

Millions of people around the world invested in this. She made billions of pounds selling a fake cryptocurrency called OneCoin, before disappearing in None of her victims located worldwide have received any of their money back.

Follow this documentary podcast by Jamie Bartlett, bringing light to this fascinating story of greed, deceit and herd madness. Available on: Apple , Spotify , iHeart 6. The concept of the show is that every week he asks somebody to share a story to tell on his podcast. This podcast is not a typical comedy show.

Each episode is like a little audio documentary, coming with supporting interviews with a rhythmic editing style. Storytime starts with Seth Rogen's curiosity about the world, people and always ends up in an unexpected way. Available on: Apple , Spotify , iHeart , Audible 7. The concept of this podcast is picking American scandals and going back to revisit them, telling them in an informative and interesting way.

Scandals have shaped America since its founding - from politics and business to sports and society. The show takes its listeners deep into the heart of America's dark side driving people to break the rules and showing what happens when they're caught. The host takes its listeners on a YouTube journey, mapping out how it influences news and culture and how it's shaping the views and actions of many people.

Tune in to this mesmerizing documentary podcast to find out more. Unobscured Unobscured is a popular historical documentary podcast hosted by Aaron Mahnke. This podcast aims to delve deep and shed light on some of history's old and dark stories, separate facts from fiction about remarkable events and characters in history like events of witch trials taken place in the colonial village of Salem, Massachusetts in , or about Grigori Rasputin, one of the most mysterious characters and Jack the Ripper, etc.

If that's something interesting to you, tune in to better understand where we've come from and make it Unobscured. Available on: Apple , Spotify , iHeart , Audible Well, British scandals really change the course of history. Alice and Matt tell the stories of the murkier side of the British elite, from Nick Leeson, a former derivatives broker from the UK who famously caused the collapse of Barings Bank, to Saville and Profumo's affairs showing listeners the reality of power, the price of pride and the failings of the great and good.

Available on: Wondery , Apple , Spotify , Audible They delve deep into missing person cases, unsolved murders, unidentified remains, trying to solve the crime using a variety of methods, from old-fashioned methods to advanced technologies, social media geotargeting, familial DNA searches, and also the skills of their listeners who become active members of The Murder Squad by sending their tips and theories.

It is though - because the UK trains too few doctors and nurses and needs these staff to plug the gaps. There are also big concerns about how many of the doctors flown into the UK are expected to work extremely long hours which they say is putting patient safety at risk.

They are vital for the future of technology and the green transition. But some see China's monopoly on production as a major global threat. In the first of two episodes, Misha finds out what the 17 rare earth metals are and hears about their weird and wonderful applications. He also discovers how China has managed to dominate the mining and refining of them.

She is assertive and smart, yet obedient, dependent, and bound to the domestic sphere. But times are changing. In recent years, campaigns such as MeToo and KuToo, which saw women petition against wearing high heels to work, have put Japan's gender inequality in the spotlight. Akiko Toya explores the change that is being created in Japan by women forging new partnerships in femtech, politics, sport and media.

Who is Xi Jinping?

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