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Difference between mesa boogie tubes replacement

difference between mesa boogie tubes replacement

All MESA® tubes offer unsurpassed consistency and reliability for ANY tube amplifier, and certainly MESA amplifiers! Links to more about MESA Tubes. I've always used Mesa tubes on both of my Boogies. Some people experiment with other brands, and some install bias adjustments. It's up to you. What are the major differences between EL34, EL84, and 6L6 tubes? as in applications in modern high gain amps such as Mesa Boogie amps or the EVH INDIKATOR FOREX YANG AKURATE

If you own a tube amp for any length of time, you may need to or want to change your tubes. Sometimes it is a necessity and sometimes it is an experiment as in the case of Boogie owners who want to take advantage of our 6L6 to EL bias select switch. Spare tubes are great items to have around.

Should you wish to experiment with the various power tubes available for an amp like the Lone Star which will operate and sound differently with a variety of Boogie tubes 6L6 STR, STR , set to tweed plug in the 6V6 STR or flip the bias select switch to EL and load up our EL STR for a whole different vibe , having the alternate tubes handy will add to the tonal versatility that your amp can offer at a moments notice.

Anyone who plays out has no business taking a tube amp be it Boogie or not on stage without spare tubes. You might go years without a failure but you never know when a spare will come in handy. However, as with your car, routine maintenance changing out tubes every so often — depending on use is recommended and the use of spares is occasionally necessary.

We make it easy. If you can change a light bulb, you are qualified to swap tubes in a Boogie. So, if you own a tube amp, keep spare tubes and fuses handy. If you own a Boogie, you might even want to stock up on alternate tubes when applicable. Our tube warranty is six months which is about three months longer than most of the other distributors who even offer a warranty. We realize that despite all of our testing that we are still dealing with tubes and tubes are occasionally quirky.

Tubes fail for various reasons. If for no other reason, the fact that we offer what may be the best warranty in our industry would be reason enough to invest in tubes with our Hallmark on them. Most all of us want high performance and low prices. Boogie tubes offer both. Many players may accept the quick and simple answer when asking about using Boogie tubes in their amps. If you need to get more in depth on the subject, you now have the scoop.

After replacing them with the combination I mentioned above, the tone has greatly improved. In the power sectiion, I put MB "yellow" 6L6s. One tech told me that even though they are Mesa tubes, the yellows are too cold for the Nomad and will sound grainy. The problem I've had is if you ask 5 people you'll get 5 different opinions. So I've taken consistent input from this board and other sources and used it as a starting point for experimenting, which I agree gets expensive. Last edited by davolk on Sat Mar 01, am, edited 1 time in total.

Difference between mesa boogie tubes replacement difference between javascript and php regular expressions replace difference between mesa boogie tubes replacement


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Does Changing Tubes/ Valves In A Guitar Amp Really Make A Difference?

Can you put Boogie tubes in amps other than Boogies?

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Old Tubes Vs New Tubes / How To Change Amp Tubes

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