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We must focus Conflict? Homesteading, ad coelum, owning views and It is important to realize that a trespasser need forestalling, , Block W. The trespasser A. I deny this. If we ignore the Only those who refuse to make this exception father, and host mother contracts, there can only remain within the realm of logical discourse. But, at the time of intercourse, the other 1B. Thus, even if we think private property owned by someone else. The that the fertilized egg in my view, a human being two are not at all the same.

But, if even exist at the time of voluntary intercourse, the mother evicts the fetus in one of the first two the supposed basis of his rights to remain trimesters, before it would be viable outside the through invitation.

Despite Supporting evictionism is very different from my best efforts to publicize this libertarian favoring abortion. One allows for the saving of all analysis, all too few scholars have even so much babies in the third trimester; the other does not. Unconscious people can be mother is the sole owner of her womb , the other placed on the property belonging to others.

If so, entirely ignores this basic element of they are trespassers, even though, of course, libertarianism. It is highly inaccurate to equate they have no mens rea. As long as the duly invited guest is no libertarian law should be, not the morality of longer desired to be on the premises by the evictionism. It is unfair to tax evictionism with 2 private property owner, and he refuses to lack of concern for innocent pre-birth babies. It is depart, or is unable to do so, he is a trespasser. The correct libertarian as the result of voluntary sexual intercourse.

But only the side of this debate. If they make an exception for libertine, not the libertarian Block W. The basic premise of the sanctity of all human life. It is Whether boat owner in the case of the swimmer, or precisely the same with evictionism. It is a one of them, her claims to the contrary misunderstanding of the evictionist position, notwithstanding. To deny this is to not it will be viable outside the womb, and this is contradict its basic premise: private property a matter of medical technology, not libertarian rights and the NAP.

This author maintains that a theory. I have no quarrel with such victims and understand that abortion and a statement. The best that can be said for this claim you justify and advance such wickedness. My impression is that folks very seldom argument. Name calling e. All the more reason, then, to eschew engaged in. But, she does so in the midst of hysteria and name-calling, and to try even the arguing that evictionism is wrong headed and more to adhere to the philosophy that unites us, incompatible with libertarianism.

If she truly libertarianism. They all take the settle the issues of abortion, evictionism, and all form of argumentation. Would he levels of our understanding. No produce: further questioning of the subject matter more so than would A, the swimmer, be entitled at hand. I am liberty, and individualism. In my view, libertarianism is different folks. But individualism 3 is not. He starts off by announcing his 4 capable of human action. The libertarian NAP is quintessentially Human interaction would be declared illegal.

I also Individualist sports such as running, swimming, enthusiastically agree with Shaffer that singles tennis, etc. Surely, to flesh out the details of our thinking. It is not under fetus one day before, and one day after, birth, is discussion at present. Rather, I am objecting to the equation of political individualism and libertarianism.

Indeed, she apart from the individuals who comprise it. But this, heavily criticized libertarians. Nonetheless, the again, is an Austrian insight, not a libertarian one. If this author does not go that development or anything else of relevance. So, far, and would allow the use of violence in these yes, conception, not birth, demarcates human other cases, then why not when a mother life, with all rights pertaining to it.

Here, though, is where Shaffer and I part Shaffer asks of himself: "are you saying that, in a company. Shaffer does not appear to leave morally do so, only that we have the capacity to room, even, for the pregnant lady to evict the inflict harm upon others. From a libertarian unborn child in the case of rape.

An unborn child perspective, the question becomes as it does in is an unborn child is an unborn child, no matter our daily lives : how do we exercise our freedom how it was conceived. If this is so, then, at least, so as to minimize harm to others? The There are more errors in this short paragraph pro-life position, if it is to be logically coherent, than you can shake a stick at. First of all, Shaffer cannot, must not, make any exception for rape.

Of course people are free to kill each for, clearly in the case of rape, the unborn child is other in the sense that they have this positive a trespasser. If the mother cannot rid herself of ability. And, just as assuredly, they are not free to this fetus, whether or not such an act eventuates do any such thing in that to do so would be to in its death, then what becomes of the libertarian violate the normative NAP.

It is not merely certainly licit for us to harm each other in ways violated, it is annihilated. But private property that do not violate the NAP. For example, X rights are the very essence of libertarianism. Or boy J asks girl then he cannot be considered a libertarian, at K out for a date. She agrees. Both of them have least on this one issue. I violence within a given territory — I am unwilling to may disapprove of the decision she makes, but I sanction the use of violence to either a will not resort to — nor sanction — force against physically prevent, or b punish a woman for her to make her conform to my value.

In my own view of But if this author thinks that abortion is murder the world, if a pregnant woman not only evicts as do I! Both of them should be pacifist, and eschews any sort of violence. In prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We can as a matter of law, allow the would be guilty of a crime by insisting that the baby to stay right where he is, and perish. Of swimmer A depart his premises. Neither through no act or will of its own Whether the Shaffer, nor I, nor any number of people have unborn child was conceived voluntarily — as an lifted so much as a finger to help them, otherwise act of either love or lust — or through the violent they would not now be perishing. Should we all act of rape, is irrelevant to the question of its be punished by law?

In the case of rape, the Shaffer as well as myself when I say that the two worst that can be said of the unborn person is of us have devoted our entire professional that it is the product of wrongdoing, not a careers to lessening this sort of thing, by wrongdoer itself. I am now happy to acknowledge that my intellectual opponent on this issue is logically I am also in full and enthusiastic agreement with consistent. Thomson not arise until the child is able to sustain itself , , offers the case where an independently.

Surely, this counts as a labor, virtually no adult is able to be independent trespass even though the beneficiary of this in this manner. Therefore, he and I fully agree, operation slept through the entire procedure. Davies neither act worsening the plight of the child? But as a response to our dangerous creatures. There is nothing untoward 8 circumstance. Surely, there are this matter. For libertarians, there are no positive members of the former category who do not fall 7 6 But then his other objection falls by the wayside.

Most of this tragedy, although not all of it, is due to Surely, the product of a rape, of course entirely socialism and lack of private property rights in innocent of such a horrific deed, is a trespasser upon underdeveloped countries. I owe this example to Walter E. He also erroneously claims that of history. This opens us up to one certainly included. Why is this even relevant to abortion of Block , Akers A, B evictionism? Let us see how accurate he How does Davies deal with Akers is in each case.

As a excepted. The problem there a forbidden threshold or border, but the condition is that in a free society — towards which he is of being a trespasser also describes someone presumably working — there will be no law, for who is on someone else's property without leave, there will be no government, and so law is regardless of how he got there. So for example, a irrelevant except in the short term; rather, in that girl may invite her date back home for a nightcap, free society, economics will be the prime but when it becomes clear he has something a lot determinant of almost everything.

Why, exactly, more than cognac on his mind, she changes her should the mother have an obligation to preserve mind and asks him to leave. If he refuses, he's the life of the evicted fetus? The answer is partly trespassing and she is entitled to use whatever ethical, yes, but also partly economic. Somebody force is needed to evict him.

I along with Davies am an atheist, There are great difficulties with this account. But I First, it constitutes an ad hominem attack. Yes, I most certainly do agree with her contention that am indeed a professor of economics, but this human life begins with the fertilized egg.

If left in hardly precludes me from commenting upon what its proper environment it will survive and prosper; would constitute just law from the libertarian if not, then not. But this is something that can perspective. Second, of course there can be law equally be said of all of us.

Thus, letting those responsible go free Davies is a very strange kind of anarchist. Justice, surely, includes strongly government has vanished … there will be no opposing murder, and being willing to employ mechanism for imposing anything on everyone force to stop it. It has no People will be forcibly prevented from violating brain, even. The question is absurd. Therefore, the NAP, and if they do, and there is any justice, the zygote is not a human being and so it has no they will have severe physical consequences inherent rights …Yes, of course it is a potential visited upon them.

After all, the and not get distracted by transient controversies comatose person, the sleeping person, the over- like this one. Even when tired person, the mentally handicapped person, is statism no longer rears its ugly head, we will still not capable of reasoning. The drunkard loses have to figure out, determine, what the law rationality.

It would be a strange view that would should be. The NAP is insufficient for this accord no human rights to any of these people, purpose. It must be combined with a clear so as to maintain the legitimacy of denying them understanding of private property rights who to the zygote. Anarchists, who sweep these problems 1 the mother, who certainly has the right to under the rug, as does Davies , do not at choose how to dispose of all parts of her own all promote liberty.

If there I cannot see my way clear to agreeing that Akers is a conflict, the mother's choice must therefore A, B , Davies or Shaffer prevail; the fetus' rights are uncertain and have laid a glove on what I call the libertarian variable, the mother's rights are fixed and certain. I am severely End of story.

According to Davies ways, cannot accept this theory as compatible himself the fetus attains no human rights until with libertarianism. If they cannot, the hope that rationality comes about. But, surely, this does not non libertarians will anytime soon support obtain until at least some few years after birth. Ok, so it is support it, the only perspective compatible with not so humble. Works Cited Akers, B. Retrieved from LewRockwell. What if the 'Fetus' Could Shoot Back?

IX, No. Toward a Libertarian Theory of Abortion. Reason, Block, W. Libertarianism and Libertinism, 11 1 , International Journal of Social Economics, 31 3 , Homesteading, ad coelum, owning views and forestalling. The Social Sciences, 3 2 , A libertarian perspective on the stem cell debate: compromising the uncompromisible. Libertarian Papers, 2 Rejoinder to Wisniewski on Abortion. Libertarian Papers.

Terri Schiavo: A Libertarian Analysis. Libertarian Papers, 3 Art. Response to Wisniewski on Abortion, Round Three. Evictionism is libertarian; departurism is not: critical comment on Parr. Rothbard Auburn, AL. Hoppe, H. A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. State or Private Law Society.

Retrieved from anti-state. Departurism and the Libertarian Axiom of Gentleness. Libertarian Papers, 3 For a New Liberty. New York: Macmillan. The Ethics of Liberty. Paper Crossing the Nuremberg Line. Of Children and Fetuses. Somerset, NJ: Transaction Publishers. Thomson, J. Rights, Restitution and Risk. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. The Realm of Rights. Philosophy and Public Affairs, 20 4 , Wisniewski, J.

Libertarian Papers, 2 Art. Response to Block on Abortion, Round Three. Libertarian papers. Should abortion be criminalized? Rejoinder to Akers, Davies and Shaffer on abortion. Style — Harvard Anglia: Block, W. Block, Walter E. Most of the relevant information of an organization in one way or another is transmitted by e-mail, either as an attachment or as a part of the message content. Therefore businesses care about protection of information sent by e-mail.

In doing so, the organization of protection doesn't depend much on the size of a company or an organization, the problems are very similar. Here must be noted that large organizations have at their disposal more resources, but also that such organizations are more interesting and more vulnerable to attacks. However, the development of information technology has provided even the "excess" capacities of eavesdropping systems, so lately email monitoring is practically brought down to individual users.

In the first part of the paper security of electronic mail and electronic communication is analyzed in the light of the scandal caused by Edward Snowden's publishing of classified information about the monitoring of electronic communications in The Guardian journal and on his Web site as well as in his statements. In the second, more voluminous part the article, the organization of e-mail transmission, as well as the critical points in the chain of transmission of messages where the message can be attacked, lost, or "only" late are analyzed.

Also, here are presented some options for e-mail encryption protection in variants: "end-to-end", server - server, and client - server. Certain consideration is given to risks of storing mails at second or third hand. At the end of the article, there are discussed some legal aspects, the available legislation and protection of electronic messages using electronic signatures and public and private keys for encryption.

In the conclusion, it is stated that based on the previous analyses it can be concluded that there is virtually no technology that ensures absolute protection of messages and that it is not enough to protect an important message during its trip through cyber space and that the message should be protected from its creation to its reading and archiving.

Also, it is not to be expected that the situation with mail security will be improved with new legislation. Hunger for data explodes. Tako je grupa koja Evropi. Admin, Received: from hermes2. Pre svega, poglavlju 1. Tako npr. Prema jednoj namenjena. Former NSA chief warns of cyber-terror attacks if Snowden apprehended. Internet tehnologije i Internet poslovanje Vol. Bulat, Ed. Elektronsko poslovanje. Charles, A.

Google trying to evade UK privacy laws, campaigners claim. How to encrypt your email. The Guardian. FDP-Minister will "Datenuntreue" bestrafen. Die Welt. Preuzeto 08 05, sa teltarif. Western spooks banned Lenovo PCs after finding back doors. Man in the middle attack fire brigade attack. Borger, Novinar theguardian. Getting clueful: Five things you should know about fighting spam. E-Mail Technology Definition and Solutions. Edward Snowden News. Global Internet Map Preuzeto 08 03, sa epic.

Email and email servers - Part two. Zakon o elektronskom dokumentu. The processes begin with a daily work in organization and drive business and especially in strategic planning changes at the level of the entire enterprise. If favorable circumstances exist, overall managing would have a long- term success in company, so the motivation of employees would lead towards achieving new goals. Reengineering is the driving force that helps companies, business and manufacturing organizations to achieve success in the new millennium that is full of challenges, risks, information explosion, Internet communications, teleconferencing and global competition.

On the basis of these dramatic changes there are two main forces: technological change and globalization. They create both the new opportunities and risks. Companies or small businesses throughout the world realize that they can no longer ignore foreign competition and foreign markets, new methods and technologies and new forms of organizational structures. Technologies are expanding at an increasing rate, and each of them creates new opportunities for reengineering.

Market conditions will be created by people who will decide on the changes, plans and projects, organizational culture, new challenges to create value that can be sold goods and services and how to define where consumers expect to buy. In this paper, attention is concentrated on the three most important methods and techniques for strategic business changes, observed through the application reengineering, including: self- assessment, teamwork and benchmarking.

Keywords: strategy, change, industrial development, re-engineering enhancements, self-assessment, benchmarking team work, market. Dobijeni rezultati i ocene predstavljaju samoocenjivanja je, kod postavljanja ciljeva i kod polaznu osnovu za preduzimanje korektivnih i merenja. Ciljevi treba da budu jednostavni, lako preventivnih mera od strane rukovodstva. Poznavanje modelima postupcima i uspostavljenim strategije i ciljeva kao osnove politike poslovanja kriterijumima prihvatljivosti.

Deming, Doumeingts, 4. Kada se efikasnim timskim radom. U osnovi efikasnost u tome treba primenu. Naime, ta 3. Nakon 3. Gde 3. To se razmatra u projektnom timu odgovornost i zadatke. Prednosti kojim rezultatima? Davidow, Utvrditi da li se kod poslovanja svake organizacije. Sposoban tim 4. Collins, Ukoliko ljudi ne rade dostignuti ciljevi?

Razvoj plan. Primenljive definicije. Compedium kvaliteta, , Evropa Jugoinspekt. Carr, D. Aston, C. Tim koji je doneo milion dolara, Compendium kvaliteta, Evropa Jugoinspekt, br. Consequently, they happen to mistranslate choosing the most natural equivalents which do not it the context. Also, they tend to confuse types of resources, as visible in the answers to the last question.

However, what is worth noting, they pay attention to reliability of resources as a factor determining the search for ma- terials. With the future didactic practice in mind, trainees need to be con- structively encouraged and guided to consult more sophisticated specialized resources.

Further, since students are still reluctant to investigate the subject area thoroughly before translating the text, e. Manchester: St. Jerome Pub- lishing. Je- rome Publishing. Cronin, Michael Translation as Globalization. Jerome Publishing. Across Languages and Cultures 10 2 , — We live in a global village, and it is unavoidable that texts cross geopoliti- cal boundaries and are translated into many languages.

Even the advent of English as a lingua franca has not changed this situation. In this paper, we will investigate the ap- plication of CAT tools in video game translation. We will attempt to establish the place of translators and translation within the localization cycle and analyze the applicability of CAT tools to diferent text types.

Lastly, we will present the main features of CAT tools and their application in video game rendition. Video games, CAT tools, translation, localization. Introduction Rapidly advancing globalization appears to have contributed, to the greatest ex- tent, to an abundance of documents being translated into a considerable num- ber of languages.

According to Istrate , translation must inevitably be afected by the facilitated dissemination of texts, which is due to the utiliza- tion of modern technology. Elevating the English language to the status of the lingua franca did not prevent the proliferation of texts to be translated either. What is more, Bogucki 12 believes that although English is utilized widely throughout the world, the role of mother tongues should not be di- minished.

Nowadays, if, for example, a manufacturer of household appliances wishes to sell its products in Poland, it is legally obliged, by the Act on Speciic Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sale and Amendments to the Civil Code,1 to have all the necessary documentation translated into Polish, even though it might already be provided in English.

Consequently, assistance should be — and as a matter of fact is being — sought in the information technology industry. At this juncture the question arises if it is only technical texts that require the use of computer-based translation methods or maybe other texts might beneit from CATs as well.

It commences with comparisons between rendering various text types e. It is assumed in this paper that the more repetitious a particular text type is, the more it lends itself to the utilization of CAT tools, although it ought to be acknowledged that repetitiveness is not the only factor that makes particular texts susceptible to the use of CAT tools.

Furthermore, the juxtaposition of video games with other sorts of texts will lay the foundations for the evalua- tion of the usefulness of CAT tools for video game translation. Video game translation Before delving into the actual process of game translation and localization, it might be useful to explain why this paper focuses on video games in the irst place. To cut a long story short, the rationale behind this decision was mainly pe- cuniary, that is to say that the video game industry started generating ever great- er revenues — in it was as much as EUR 38 bln IDATE Furthermore, it is predicted that the growing tendency will not cease in the near future Sajna Consequently, there are going to be more and more localization projects into Polish and this will result in a greater demand for well-qualiied video game translators who might wish to resort to the academic community for theoretical support on the subject.

Computer-assisted translation tools and video game rendition Another important issue is that of the relationship between game transla- tion and localization. In fact, some people, and indeed some researchers, do not diferentiate between the two concepts. From that it follows that translation is part of localization, and the latter also involves other processes which aim to bring a particular product closer to the target re- cipient. In the case of video games, it might be, for example, changing some elements in the visual layer of a particular title.

Translators render lexical units as they used to do in the past. However, their work must now be coded by programmers for a particular platform, e. Xbox or PlayStation 3. Variables Horizon Let us now proceed to the analysis of certain aspects of the video game translation process. Miguel Bernal-Merino 6 claims that one of the most characteristic features of games is the rendering of variables.

Players can usu- ally select various names, genders, nationalities, etc. On the basis of the initial 3 Locale represents not merely a language, but a particular variant of a language e. Australian English. What is more, it deals with local conventions relating, for example, to currency, date and hour settings, numbers, and even such changes as symbolic color coding Pym 2.

Bernal-Merino 6 contends that variables in games are use- ful for analytic languages, such as English, although they may pose diicul- ties for synthetic languages, such as Polish, where inlection is of paramount importance. Translators must also know which strings are to be rendered and which are non-translatable source code strings. An example of variables can be seen in Figure 1. If the Barbeck scientist is on Mars, the second variable will take the form of Mars, if he is on Mercury, it will be Mercury, etc.

Translators should be able to play the games they are trans- lating, however, the reality is that they might never have such a chance. Consequently, translators usually re- ceive plain text with no additional contextual information see Figure 2. Blind translation S. Hence, the translators must either guess or attempt to deduce this informa- tion from other text segments.

Yet another characteristic of videogames is their non-linearity. It is gam- ers who decide how a given storyline develops. Video games are dissimilar to literary works or motion pictures because in games one ac- tion does not necessarily have to follow another. Nonetheless, games, similar to the case of movies and literary works, usually have a more or less extended storyline, and consequently their translation is a creative task. Technical texts vs. In this section, we present what constitutes technical texts for the pur- poses of this paper, and how the rendition of technical texts is diferent from the rendition of video games, notwithstanding the fact that technical texts can also be encountered in video games.

Technical texts, for the author of this article, are those pieces of writing which abound with specialized terminol- ogy, and whose main function is providing information rather than enter- tainment. Some examples of technical texts include, but are not limited to, manuals for various devices, legal agreements, business letters, descriptions of assorted technical procedures e.

Bogucki 15—18 investigated the phenomenon of repetitiveness in a number of technical texts and claims that it is very common in this type of translation. For this reason, inter alia, CAT tools are extremely useful for ren- dering technical texts. Whether we translate manuals or warranty documents, there are always more or fewer recurring elements.

However, the degree of repeti- tiveness might still be said to be rather considerable. Bogucki 18 also discusses the repetitiveness of lexemes between texts written on a similar subject. User manuals for a new model of a mobile phone do not difer too much from those developed for the previous model because the main functions of the device usually remain the same.

According to Erik Nyberg, Teruko Mitamura and Willem-Olaf Huijsen , a controlled language is a number of explicitly speciied restrictions im- posed on natural language concerning lexis, grammar, and style. What is more, game developers oten employ professional writers who create the story of a particu- lar title.

Another diference between video games and technical translation is the medium. Video games are embedded in the information technology me- dium, whereas technical texts are not. Video game translation must be interwo- ven with the source code of a particular product see Figure 3 below , whereas technical translation is transferred as regular documents, whether they be in paper or electronic form. For this reason, the product that should be most simi- lar to video games in terms of translation are websites.

Internet websites vs. For instance, both involve information technology, and in both cases texts must be appropriately prepared for translation. What is more, both video games and Internet websites started to be localized in the s Esselink 5, Bernal- Merino Although the rationale behind rendering sotware, including video games, is sometimes purely legal Esselink 5 , as certain countries forbid dis- tributing unlocalized sotware in their markets, localizing Internet websites appears to be an independent decision of their proprietors.

Consequently, this is how companies attempt to enter new markets. Although the information technology medium in which both Internet web- sites and video games are embedded makes them very similar in terms of transla- tion, there are also a number of aspects which diferentiate these two products. Peter Sandrini 9 discusses what in his opinion constitutes the three main diferences between sotware and website rendition.

He contends that, irstly, websites are subject to many more text updates than sotware, which requires that, preferably, the same translator s could be reached at any time. Moreover, whereas websites are very oten updated for text, which makes the translation of updates a repeatable task, ideal for CAT tools, the updates of video games rarely touch the lexical layer of a particular product unless these are Massively Multiplayer Online games MMOs , and usually focus on some technical issues to be solved.

He also asserts that there are a considerable number of diferent texts which a website translator must deal with, e. We believe, how- ever, that this is not an entirely valid argument because video games also contain all these types of text. We can encounter such dissimilar texts as legal agreements and poems in a single product of the gaming industry.

Last but certainly not least, Sandrini states that the relationship between the commissioner and the localizer is diferent in website and sotware localization in our case, video games. In the former, the relationship is of a discontinued nature and resumes only when new updates are ready.

Literary works and movies vs. In this section, we wish to focus not so much on the medium4 as on the features which can be found inside various literary works, movies, and video games. Such stories can be dis- tinguished by the fact that they are usually not devoid of cultural allusions, and there is not so much repetitiveness as in technical texts.

As far as the fre- quent updates of Internet websites content are concerned, they can neither be encountered in movies nor in literary works, and the updates of video games do not usually concern the textual layer of a given product, and even if they do, they simply remove certain obvious language mistakes and the intervention of translators is not very oten required.

Consequently, the lesser role of rep- etitiousness translates into the lesser usefulness of CAT tools for the above- mentioned text types. Readers and viewers follow the storyline from the beginning to the ending and cannot make any decisions concerning the progress of a particular movie or literary work. Gamers, on the other hand, take a considerable number of decisions during the game which inluence its progress. Game developers usually prepare many endings and oten beginnings for a particular title which are contingent upon previously taken decisions.

If players wish to be saviors of the world, they can do it. How- ever, if they wish to be the doom of the world, they can do it as well. It is only their preference that matters. Computer-assisted translation tools Having analyzed the diferent types of text in terms of their possible and ef- icient cooperation with CAT tools, we are now in a position to elaborate upon the speciic CAT tools and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in video game translation.

Computer assisted translation tools are a set of utilities devel- oped to facilitate the process of text rendition and some other aspects of locali- zation. Chiew Kin Quah 94 believes that although the irst translation memory tools were created in the s, it was only more than 20 years later that they started to be utilized commercially.

Terminologi- cal consistency is retained through proposing the same prompts for the same text segments. As far as terminology management tools are concerned, they allow the stor- age and maintenance of databases of concepts with additional information regarding deinitions, gender, context, synonyms, etc. Terminology management tools can be said to be similar to dictionaries, although their entries need not be ordered alphabetically. Esselink contends that nowadays TM and terminology management tools are usually combined in one tool set.

Last but not least, sotware localization tools are employed to translate and examine sotware user interfaces, for instance menus, dialog boxes, and mes- sages Esselink Quah claims that sotware localization tools are utilized in combination with other CATs, such as TMs and terminology management tools, and his position seems to be justiied since sotware localization tools are usually not employed for transla- tion.

Since technology is so vital to localization, it seems that the localiza- tion industry ought to utilize CAT tools to a great extent. Nevertheless, the discourse of video games is not usually repetitive, as it mostly consists of a storyline similar to that of literary works or movies, and requires from translators a great deal of creativity and adaptation. It should also be remembered that some names are so entrenched in the video game indus- try that they are utilized in almost every title belonging to a particular genre.

TMs might be especially useful for sequels and games from the same franchise5 where publishers provide translators with glossaries or translation memories from the previously translated products. An example of repetitiveness in video games is presented in Figure 4 below. Computer-assisted translation tools and video game rendition see Figure 2. By doing this, translators will be able to see more of the text and thus will have more contextual information.

However, it will decrease the num- ber of useful matches, thus slowing the work. Normally, translators might have to resort to manual searching and changing particular terms according to an internal glossary, especially if there is a team of translators who must agree on a common glossary. With the help of CAT tools, such manual work is no longer necessary, and conse- quently a great deal of time is saved.

What is more, people are much more susceptible to making mistakes than machines, so the CAT tools provide trans- lations with greater consistency and security. Moreover, CAT tools have built-in spellchecker functions. Last but not least, there are two pragmatic disadvantages of utilizing CAT tools.

Firstly, translators require some time to learn at least the basic functional- ity of these utilities, and, should they be computer-illiterate, being merely able to operate simple word processing programs, they might never master CAT tools. Secondly, the price might discourage translators from using the CAT applications. Conclusions It seems that nowadays most of the video game industry milieu is in favor of utilizing computer assisted translation in rendering video games.

Chandler and Deming contend that these days it is a translation industry standard which is more and more frequently employed in the localization in- dustry Bernal-Merino 4. Whether translators wish it or not, some pub- lishers demand that they should utilize CAT tools in their translations Mrzi- god Video game translators Giecold-Bochenek ; Mrzigod ; Napieral- ski , when asked whether they employ CAT tools, and, if so, what the ra- tionale for that was, answered that they did use computer aided translation, mostly because of the translation memory functionality.

It seems that even though computer-based methods might be the source of some artiiciality in localized games, they precipitate the process of localization so much that it is a loss which video game localization insiders are willing to sufer. In: Marcel helen, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk eds. Bernal-Merino, Miguel Challenges in the translation of video games.

Tradumat- ica 5, 1—7. Bernal-Merino, Miguel A brief history of game localisation. In: Keiran Dunne ed. Giecold-Bochenek, Barbara Spoken conversation. Localization Focus 1 2 , 9— Mrzigod, Janusz. Napieralski, Adrian In: Harold Somers ed. Pym, Anthony he Moving Text. Localization, Translation, and Distribution.

Quah, Chiew Kin Translation and Technology. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Sajna, Mateusz Translation of video games and ilms — a comparative analysis of selected technical problems. Internet sources Dietz, Frank How diicult can that be? Esselink, Bert he evolution of localization. Finally, the major part of the paper presents the methods and manners in which CAT tools and ICT have been incorporated into the translation and interpreting training at the undergraduate level.

Introduction Translation and interpreting services have always been part of the enormous service provision sector. However, it is only recently that a rapid growth of this area is observed. In this article we present how CAT tools and ICT have been incorporated in the translation and interpreting training at the undergraduate level. At this point it is also worth stating that since much of our discussion is based on our professional experience as translators and interpreters, in certain sections of this paper we rarely refer to sources other than our professional background.

Generally speaking, in this article we discuss how we have incorporated CAT tools and ICT into the curricula of translation and interpreting courses ofered at the undergraduate level. In many cases, this state of afairs results in low quality of trans- lations which — to function in the market as properly translated documents — need to be revised and sometimes retranslated , which in turn increases costs. However, some measures are being taken to increase the quality of transla- tion and interpreting services as well as to raise the awareness of the usefulness of CAT tools in the translation industry.

In Poland there are several profes- sional associations which promote high-quality translation activities, includ- ing the use of advanced computer technologies facilitating translation. All of the above-mentioned professional associa- tions have more practitioners than academics as their members and this is why their activities are more market-oriented. Relying on our professional experience in the translation and interpreting sector and in translation and interpreting training, we are of the opinion that the translators and interpreters who are just entering the market should de- velop a multi-componential competence which is quite comprehensive and en- compasses a wide array of skills: language skills, translation skills, instrumental skills, cognitive and psychological skills, thematic expertise and intercultural skills.

In the context of the translation and interpreting training that we are involved in, of paramount importance are instrumental skills in translation training and cognitive and psychological skills in interpreting training. Both sets of skills can be developed with the use of modern technology and, what is more, they are necessary to make full use of the technologies and CAT tools currently available to translators and interpreters. As Gouadec observes, the ability to use various computer, communication and translation-speciic technolo- gies constitutes a competitive advantage for those who are willing to make full use of the available resources, increases their employability on the market and the remuneration level in comparison to those who prefer to work in the tradi- tional way without translation memory and terminology management system at least.

As mentioned above, various models present translation competence as a multicomponential construct and list instrumental, technical and informa- tion mining skills as its subcomponents. For example, the EMT project enu- merates information mining competence and technological competence Gam- bier ed.

Cognitive and psychological skills in interpreting It is already common knowledge that interpreting is diferent from translation in that the transfer of the source language into the target language proceeds in a diferent way and a diferent set of skills is required in this activity. In translation, however, translators are usually not so much time-limited and can use a variety of knowledge sources including e-sources to aid them in transferring the text into the target language.

What we mean by this term is a set of cognitive and afective skills required in this profession. We believe that using computer technology and the Internet can aid the development of those aspects and help the students overcome certain problems related to their cognitive, afective and public speaking skills in their professional life.

Obviously, we realise that not every student pursuing business English studies is gited at interpret- ing and actually very few are and selecting them for the interpreting train- ing should have the form of aptitude tests cf.

Instead, all students had to obligatorily participate in the interpreting training. Furthermore, the students can practise, for instance, memory or attention span on their own, using their own computers and the practice in class can revolve around transfer and delivery under the supervision of an interpreting instructor. Likewise, interpreting psychology seems to become a more and more frequently explored area of interpreting studies.

Other scholars exam- ine the inluence of personality characteristics on interpreting performance e. Schweda-Nicholson Certain psychological traits may make people predisposed to this profession and ICT used in the interpreting training may help develop some of these traits e.

Translation and interpreting training within business English Before we discuss the form and methods of the translation and interpreting training within the undergraduate studies in business English at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, we would like to shed some light on the curricu- lum of the studies. Translation and interpreting training is part of the major area and speciali- sation courses.

Ultimately, the whole module is planned to last for hours and will be composed of two more theoretical lectures and two practical class-based courses. Incorporating CAT tools and ICT in the translation and interpreting training… he overall objective of the entire module of translation and interpreting is to initiate the students into the translation and interpreting profession as well to develop their practical translation and interpretation skills through a set of carefully selected and designed market-oriented translation and interpreting exercises.

As it is believed that learning is most efective when carried out in the form of practical exercises, the theory is kept to the necessary minimum. Actually, the module curricula were designed in line with the idea of profes- sional realism, whose basic assumption is that the translation and interpreting training should be practice-oriented, correspond to the translation market re- quirements and equip students with all necessary skills and competences, in- cluding the hands-on abilities in using CAT tools and ICT.

During the irst theoretical lecture — theory of translation and specialised languages — the students are acquainted with major translation theories and typologies of translation and interpreting. Additionally, one of the 15 lectures planned within this course is devoted to the presentation of the idea of CAT tools. Another important issue covered during this lecture is the compari- son of CAT tools and machine translation, discussion of their limitations as well as the potential beneits and threats to the translation profession and its future.

Furthermore, instead of two hours one lecture , the topics related to translation technologies will be discussed for 30 hours 15 lectures. CAT tools, additional functionalities: concordancers, terminology management module, localisation sotware. Besides, it will concentrate on the presentation of reliable sources of terminological and specialised knowledge as well as eicient information mining and terminology management techniques.

Furthermore, it is worth un- derlining that the lecture is not intended to be purely theoretical as it is planned in a computer lab where students will work at individual computer worksta- tions and hence they will be able to practise using the sotware, which will help the students better memorise new information and develop hands-on skills in CAT tools and ICT.

At this point one more issue needs to be mentioned. Not only can they practise it in class; the licences allow them to install memoQ on their personal home computers, as well. Obviously, it is not possible to pack each translation task with all technologies as it could be too overwhelming and confusing for the students, especially at the initial stages of training. However, an attempt is made to structure the exercises in such a way as to combine several activities to- gether so that the students can practise simultaneously all the skills mentioned above.

Incorporating CAT tools and ICT in the translation and interpreting training… More speciically, the students practice their word editing skills, using MS Of- ice and Google Docs, learn how to use proofreading and correction-facilitating sotware MS Oice spellcheckers and grammar checker. As the preparation of a inal translation product requires the translator to perform a set of other activities apart from translating the text, the students also become familiarised with ile converters online ile converters, pdf converters , document statistics sotware MS Oice, AnyCount , cloud computing sotware Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs.

Moreover, as a signiicant part of any translation task is reserved for terminology work, the students learn how to use eiciently and critically various sources of terminological information electronic and Inter- net dictionaries — PWN-Oxford, Cambridge, Oxford, Longman, or translation search engines — Linguee. For instance, in one of such exercises the students translate a newspaper article and an instruction manual into Polish and English respectively with the use of online machine translators and then post-edit the text they receive.

A special focus is put on translation exercises in which the students learn how to use CAT tools with the translation memory module Google Trans- lator Toolkit, Wordfast Anywhere, memoQ. First, by way of introduction, a simple exercise is used to explain to the students the operating principles of the translation memory function.

Next, the students perform a translation task in which they have to compile a glossary with the use of online Google Docs applications and various online terminological resources paper and online dictionaries, translation search engines, translator forums.

In the next step they translate an authentic promotional text on accounting services with the use of a Google Translator ToolKit. In subsequent exercises, the students are in- troduced to Wordfast Anywhere and memoQ and perform similarly struc- tured exercises using the TM module.

Another important issue is the development of the terminology and expert knowledge mining skills carried out by incorporating tasks requiring the stu- dents to perform terminology and information search in almost every transla- tion assignment. Moreover, apart from search techniques, the students learn about reliable terminological and information resources general and special- ised dictionaries, translator and expert fora — e.

Linguee, Proz. Special attention is also paid to tasks concentrating on glossary Excel, Google Docs Spreadsheet and term base development and management memoQ. Finally, the students master more expert functions of CAT tools and learn how to facili- tate and speed up the translation process using the functionalities of alignment and term extraction memoQ. In this task, for instance, the students have to translate an authentic agreement a contract for the exclusive distribution of products , on the basis of the previously translated documents.

Practice-oriented interpreting training: incorporating CAT tools and ICT in translation training Due to its diferent nature, the interpreting training does not rely so heavily on using CAT tools. First of all, what is used on a regular basis during the course in interpreting is the computer lab equipped with Mentor PC system which enables the instruc- tor to listen to the output generated by each individual student who speaks into their own microphone. Of course, during the entire course, the students are instructed on the use of their voice and voice training is given by means of Mentor PC sys- tem.

Of great help come various websites ofering authentic speeches, among which two are of particu- lar signiicance. What is interesting, one of the peo- ple involved in the foundation of Speechpool was Andrew Gillies Speechpool , the author of several books on interpreting and note-taking e. Gillies Another great collection of speeches is the Speech Repository developed and maintained by the Directorate General for Interpretation of the European Commission Speech Repository In the Speech Repository, the students can ind numerous real-life speeches delivered in the European Union or na- tional institutions.

More speciically, the collection features speeches for diferent modes of inter- preting, in 24 oicial European Union and several other languages and diferent language command levels. Computer programs and ICT are also helpful in the practice of cognitive skills.

For example, during the course the trainees are introduced to memo- ry practice by playing online memory games e. Lumosity, www. Logical reasoning practice is also carried out in the form of online games e. Actually, there is only one class devoted to this aspect of interpreting and the trainees are encouraged to spend more time playing those cognitive skill-developing games at home. Some of them indeed do it at home and in personal communication they stress the duality of this activity: it brings them fun and simultaneously they see that, for instance, their concentration and attention span increases.

At the end of this section it is worth stating that due to the increased number of teaching hours assigned to the interpreting course in the newly introduced curriculum, other programs and online sotware will also be used. For example, for listening practice and interpreting recording, Audacity will be used. Other sotware which may be used in the future interpreting training is Comprehension Task Maker, a tool for developing multimedia comprehension tasks.

Conclusions Modern translation and interpreting industry cannot function properly, ofer- ing high quality services, without computers, the Internet and technology. It is generally believed that the Internet and CAT tools facilitate the translation process, make it more eicient and manageable and help translators provide translations of decent quality at a relatively fast pace.

Moreover, in the era of strong competition nearly in all spheres of business activity, the institutions of higher education ofering translation and interpret- ing training have the competitive advantage if they provide courses in CAT tools and their translation and interpreting courses rely on the use of ICT.

Not only are they attractive for prospective students who nowadays seem to select their higher education more consciously, also paying attention to the facilities that a given university has at its disposal, but they also ofer the opportunity to acquire indispensable hands-on skills which are relevant to the market real- ity. Indeed, the familiarity with CAT tools is at present a translation market requirement, since those tools may accelerate the translation process and make it more eicient in terms of terminological consistency and terminology man- agement.

References Ferreire, Aline, John W. Schwieter eds. Man- chester: St. Gouadec, Daniel Translation as a Profession. Social Behavior and Personality. To me this is a lot like playing poker. Even big, and you dont have many exit opportunities. Dubai Heritage Village and Dubai Creek. Its a very difficult game. Q: Affiliatfs Identification Documents do I joney to supply and why. On 20th August, the Unit Bank Ltd. Over traditional options. Working through the investigations, students will experience first hand the key fee of Heat.

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